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Bookish Adventure and Haul: Turtles All The Way Down unbagging and New Manga

People of the interwebs its been a LONG FLIPPING TIME since I wrote something about the main purpose of this blog aka BOOKS!!! Also say hi to the shiny RowReads title card!! It took a century and a half for me to realise I should make one for my bookchats.

Anyways I did something that I have not done in a while that was bought myself a YA book! I have not read a new YA book in over a year partly cause I've been preferring graphic novels and manga this days over reading YA but also cause there has not been many YA books that interest me and I don't have the time or energy to let myself read for pleasure lately due being burned out on gradschool work. 

Still there if there is one author (apart from J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter Series) that I'll drop everything and read it will be JOHN GREEN! 

I flipping love John Green books and have every one of them, some in two languages (you know its dedication when you read a book in your second language loll) so when he announced he is finalfreakingly publishing a new book after fiveish I was so flipping happy as I miss the excitement and anticipation of reading a book from an author I know I'll enjoy.

So I took a little trip to Kinokuniya with my dad as I had a list of books I wanted to get as a little 'treat myself after passing a major and EXTREMELY HARD TO PASS professional paper exam' and my dad was nice to pay for TATWD while I paid for the mangas I gotten. 

One thing I have to do ever since getting into learning Japanese and getting into Otome/Manga/Anime is that every time I go to Kino I MUST snoop around the Japanese section at the back of the shop. This VISIT they finally set up the Fall 2017 Anime adaptations section! My fluency at Japanese is still at beginner level but I like looking around, immersing and familiarising myself as that's one way of learning a new language and was what I did as a kid when I was learning Bahasa Malaysia for school. 

Also if I had not already had a list of books to spend I'll have gotten THIS!!! AHHH A3! Fanbook!!! 

Its a game about musical stageplay and J-stage aka 'Butai' which has lately been one of my obsession thanks to The Royal Tutor Musical and TsukiSta. Like all the popular otome games there is a huge cast of popular voice actors but  they also included a number of popular 2.5D stage actors voicing the characete! I know this as one of the manga I hauled has one of the character VA/SA voicing a triangle obsess character (its a real thing in the game lolll)

I love this game! Its quiet new having to just launch earlier this yea. Its currently one of my favorite mobile games and its actually very popular here in the west as it is in Japan. Best of all with a quick look around on the interweb for a guide its really simple to understand the game play. Huhu I'll probably get it next time I have cash lolll. 

The Haul

So I went really ham this time with 3 mangas and one YA and even with my dad nicely paying for said YA its still a hella lotta $$$ but you know what... I have not gotten a lotta books recently thanks to exams and and i did pass an EXTREMELY HARD exam so guess what??? Time to TREAT MY SELF 😎😎😎

 The Royal Tutor Vol.3

The first thing I had to get was THIS!!!! AND LOOK!!! IT HAS LICTH ON THE COVER!!!!

I love the anime series and I just finished watch my recording of the stage play a few days ago. 

Its such a unique series and SO FREAKING UNDERRATED! I briefly talked about it in my Spring Anime First Impressions (HERE) and am planing on making a full review of the anime and manga but guys if you want an anime series to start with this is one of the anime/ manga series I'll recommend to beginners.   

Kiss Him, Not Me Vol.2

Please... Kiss Him, Not me 😜😜😜

I read the digital version of this manga on Crunchyroll months ago and its so freaking LOL good that I need to owe a physical copy. Unfortunately for an odd reason Vol. 1 is sold out and has been out of stock for months so I got Vol. 2 instead. 

First off if you like/is curious about boyxboy shipping/ BoysLove romance (like the trash who is typing out this post lolll 😎😜) and you're a fan of Rainbow Rowell's Fangirl YOU NEED TO READ THIS SERIES IN YOUR LIFE! Its probably a series I'll recommend to people who have already dipped their toes into otome/anime/manga and want to understand some otaku terms like 'fujoshi' or a 'doujinshi' etc this is the manga I'll recommend as there were so many things about the otaku life I didn't understand till I read this series. 

This is a reverse harem though what's different about this compare to the other is that there is also a girl included in the harem! Also what's intresting is that this series is very self aware and pokes fun on the genre similar similar to Ouran High School Host Club.

Bungo Stray Dogs Vol. 1 

I don't know much about this series except the fact that its a detective anime and that there is already 2 season for the anime plus a movie coming out soon. I mostly got it cause I've been curious about the series and the manga is localized by a local publisher. 

Purchasing this manga is my way of supporting the local publisher in hopes they will localized more manga series here in Malaysia. 

I'll read the first volume before getting my hands on the rest and maybe even in Bahasa if I really enjoy it as that's what I always did with series I enjoy like Kimi no Na wa when it was released here. I know some of you guys especially if you're Malaysian will be thinking 'this girl is nuts to read the same book in multiple languages' but for me I always have enjoyed reading in multiple language as it really helps with keeping in check with my fluency a language I spent a good chunk of my life mastering and also its fun seeing how what words they'll use in translation.

Turtles All The Way Down
Okay peeps here were have it!! A lovely hardcover of Turtles All The Way Down!!! I realise this is the first time I'm getting a John Green book in hardback xD

Sadly there is no more sign edition as I did get my copy a week after its been released.😢😢😢

According to the sticker its a 'Special Limited Edition Jacket Poster Cover' edition which is John Green Quotetastic heaven! If you are that type of goodreads nerd who love the poetic quotes you'll love the inside of the dust jacket cover! Also I hope you guys like this pic as its very hard to take a nice ascetic pic of the inside of the jacket cover especially the fact this was taken in my backyard while my nosy neighbors and their cats watching me curiously while munching popcorn joke they were not munching but stalking lolllll.  

Also I got this weird thingy that the cashier just chuck in saying its a freebie and at first glance I thought it was a ribbon for tying my hair lolll.

It turns out its a ribbon wristband and the metal thingy is to adjust the size so it won't fly away 😅😅😅 I don't think I'll use it as a bracelet as I'll still loose it! Maybe I'll just use it as a fancy ribbon bookmark??? Also on the outside it says 'Turtles All The Way Down' but the inside it says 'John Green Is Back!' and 'The Wait Is ver 10.10.17' lolll. Idk why they needed to write the 'he's back' part but okay.

And here's the naked book spine lolll. Its black as my soul lolll but still simple and classic. Also I'm wearing the wristband in this pic.

Also one thing I always love about Kinokuniya is how they always have the best presentation and display for new or hyped releases! There is a flipping wall displaying the book and outside (i didn't have a chance to take a pic of it) they put stickers on the display window promoting the book! 

Alright time for me to continue reading Turtles All The Way Down (and yes here's me and my fluffy face with the book trying not to look like a weird selfie obsess millennial while being judged by my neighbors and their cats 😊😊😊)! 

I'm going into this book with knowing as little as possible apart from the title. I didn't even let myself watch the vlogbrother vid where he read the first chapter. 

Till the next post!!!! 

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