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Row Watch Anime: Fall 2017 Idol Anime Madness

Gonna start my one month blogging marathon by talking about my current obsession....

Hello People of the interwebs!!! Tis the season for idol anime madness!

You guys probably already know this but I was not the type of person to watch or follow idols (a part from American Idol if you consider that idol lolll) but since being suck into the vortex of Anime I've started falling for 2D J-Idol... yes... I can't believe myself as idol music is not really my cup of tea of music to listen to (trust me my form 4/5 classmates were all k-pop fangirls that memorized the lyrics and dance steps and I lived in dorms where some of my guy friends who had their whole walls plastered with pink SNDS k-idol posters tried to educate me with idol music and I was all mehhhh in the end). But then it turns out it might be that I just didn't find the 'right' type of idol I like cause here I am years later trash for 2D and 2.5D anime idols (the 2.5D part is something for another day lollll)!

I know I always say I love fiction but the fact I'm currently in the vortex of fictional idol trash is just a whole other level of irony 😅. Anyways this Fall anime season comes a hella lotta idol anime series and I thought I'll go over the ones I'm excited for.

IdolM@ster SideM

I heard a lot about IdolM@ster over the years but was not interested till recently when they launch the SideM game since idol rhythm and card training games which are the type of games I'm currently playing since Voltage shut down MFWP but its the PVs that were slowly rolling out to promote the show, introducing all the unit members that intrigued me to give this show a try. 

As for me writing this I've just finished watching the Prologue where it introduce the unit Jupiter and boy is this show FREAKING good!

This is a spin off series following male idol groups while the original series follow female idol groups. The Prologue introduces us to a unit call Jupiter that were mistreated by their initial agency 961 production, hence from what I gathered leads them to quit and become an 'indie idol unit' ... wait is that a thing?? well that's what i'm calling it. It follows the guys on how they got signed onto their current agency 315 production (WTF IS WITH ALL THIS TRIPLE DIGIT IDOL PRODUCTION NAMES?!?! ROW IS HELLA CONFUSED 😵 HELL I KEEP MIXING UP THE NUMBERS!!! help me!! lolll ) a newly established agency.

Now I know the franchise have been around for a long time but as mentioned I was not that interested in Idol anything till two-ish years ago and I more prefer male idol over female idols (probably a reason why I have yet to get into love live!) so I'm still clueless about Idolm@ster but I really like how they introduced Jupiter as they struggle to make it as an indie idol unit and that they have trust issues with agencies due to what happened at their initial agency but the way they were recruited by their current agency is hilarious! Like if you like Utapri's Shining Saotome and how EXTRA he is in the series the 315 producer is similar to him but slightly 'tone down' and they kinda hid his face.
Also the Jupiter guys!!! I adore all of them!!! Shouta is probably my favorite especially how cheeky he can get when around his band mates, Touma is that tsundere and serious on the outside but caring in the inside sorta guy and Hokuto is the cool princely type! Their songs are okay i like some and some are meh, the animation during the music scenes are really good but their interaction with each other is what makes the show for me. You can tell their really close and how Touma does his best to protect the band's best interest while caring for their fans.

Overall the prologue was a good introduction to the Idolm@ster world whether  you're getting into the series for the first time or already a fan. I'm looking forward to more of this series and the other units especially S.E.M., the unit that consist of former teachers. Not too sure if I will watch the original series but a character that they nicknamed 'ribbon-chan' does make an appearance in the prequel and it does tie in with the cannon original series.

Dynamic Chord
This is an adaptation from an otome game but rather than idols they rock bands.

I'm mostly gonna watch this as I like rock band (and J-Rock was one of the reason I got into anime) and though I'm not too familiar with the series as I didn't play the game but I do like the cast of VAs and I've listened to snips of their songs online and its good!!! 

Tsukipro The Animation
Saving the best for last is Tsukipro The Animation which is not just is my most anticipated idol anime but anime series of the season! It follows four units, SolidS, QUELL, SOARA and GROWTH that are debuted sometime after the event of the first series and are the junior units to Tsukiuta.
I watched the original series Tsukiuta The Animation earlier this year after randomly finding some of the character songs on tumblr (in particular 'Duty' by Minaduki Rui... go listen to it people you won't regret it!) and after watching the series it became my most favorite idol anime series and also the series that got me to enjoy and kinda understand the j-idols music and anime world so when I saw that there was a spin off this season it shot to the top of the list and after watching the first episode it didn't fail to disappoint me!

I'm not gonna go into too much details here as i already have a review on my first impressions on the first episode (HERE!!!.) but without going into too much details the first episode along blew me away with its introduction of the new units junior units of Tsukino along with with some familiar faces.

The series is known as 'slice of life' idol anime where we follow each members juggling life with idol duties, schools and such. Yes it sounds very mundane but that's just how Tsukiuta was and from what I gathered first episode of Tsukipro its gonna follow the same route as Tsukiuta. 

So bring on the idol anime madness! I can handle it *wave glow stick* that is... if i don't die of fan service, fangirling, nosebleed or all the above lolll.

Overall I'm super excited for this season's anime as I felt like the summer was a bit lacking since I only managed to finish 2 series and there is one more show, 'Ballroom e youkoso' that continues this season, but also i ended up picking up and finishing some past series recently. Either ways I'll be make more posts on recently watched anime.
If you have any anime recommendation whether it be for the season or one that you really like please leave it in the comments. 
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Till next time,

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