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Tsukipro The Animation (ProAni) Episode 3 : Small World Recap

HI PEOPLE OF THE INTERWEB!!!! Oh look for once I got a review up before the next episode airs!!! We're onto episode 3 of ProAni this time focusing on the youngest newest unit to the TsukiPro line up that is QUELL.

As always there will will be spoilers as I'll be blabbing my fangirl heart and wil make reference to both ProAni, TsukiAni and the other source materials like SNS short stories and Drama CDs.  

Though having to say that... I know very little about this group, their songs, the characters and even their voice actors. This all new to me so this could also be a first impression

Episode 3

Episode 3: Small World introduces us to QUELL, the newest group to TsukiPro and the brother/rival unit to SolidS. The episode focuses on Shu as he promotes his new drama while the rest of the QUELL members training to catch up to their leader.

The Characters + Voice Acting

QUELL is formed by Shu who recruited Eichi and the twins, Issie and Ichiru into into the group. 

Their songs are mostly power/rock ballads and their songs are known for their rich and soothing sound that will tap your emotions (hello feels 😊😊😊)

I always look forward to every episode is how they introduce a new group and Tsukipro always manages to introduce the character in a way it does no feel recycle and also just so natural like we already know the guys (lolll some of you guys probably them if they listen to the Drama CD/ follow them on other mediums)

Shu Izumi (CV: Shunsuke Takeuchi) QUELL's producer, song writer and leader. Shu used to be in the same idol unit as SolidS Shiki and after disbanding he formed QUELL for Tsukino Production. 

My first impression is that Shu is a very calm and chill father lolll dude who looks out for the group and wants them to watch them grow and succeed. 

Of all the leaders we've seen in Tsukipro he's probably the most 'leader like' (next to Hajime loll though he reminds me of a calmer version of Kai being that he's also that reliable oni-chan) as he leads the group and pushes them and their ability to the next level like in the episode when he wants to include the guys into the song writing process even though the rest of the members have no experience with songwriting. 

He's the most experience in the group and has build quiet a reputation for himself as an idol since he's shown to be flipping busy, have multiple brand endorsement (down to those mask 😷😷😷😷😷 that's really popular in asia lolllll) to even being in a drama series.

Also there was this moment when he was making the white sauce (aka bechamel sauce) and I HAVE NO FLIPPING IDEA WTH WAS GOING ON GOING ON BUT πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… I never thought I'll see the day where hearing a man poetically reciting through how to make the prefect white sauce for gratin so beautifully and seductively that i was swooning and dying of doki doki nosebleed in my seat... and was also flipping hungry as it was late not to mention my flipping bag cheese twistiest I was munching on is left of crumbs! IT WAS HELLA WEIRD... but it was a hella good moment πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

Also there was a quick moment we get to see Shu interact with Shiki again. 

Eichi Horimiya (CV: Kōtarō Nishiyama) a former assistant tv director who's been friends with Shu prior to forming QUELL.

Right off the bat I love this guy! He's so lively and optimistic that watching his character puts me in a good mood 😊😊😊. 

He's like the twins guardian and mother/parent figure as he's always looking after them and is with them most of the time in the episode.

While he's not stranger to the entertainment world Eichi is new to the idol world, hence why he's with the twins taking music and dance lessons . He's also in charged of QUELL's radio show 'KubeRaji' which makes sense with his former job he can connect with both the fans and network for guest to appear to promote the show like like how they discuss getting the Tsukiuta leaders leaders to appear. 

Issei Kuga (CV: Shugo Nakamura) the older, observant and soft-spoken twin. 

Issei usually does not talk unless he needs too but he's protective of his younger brother Ichiru. In a way he's is not as good at socializing unlike his twin and is more of a  kuudere.

Ichiru Kuga (CV: Nogami Sho) the younger, loud and tsundere twin.

I adore Ichiru (sorry Issei but like you I want to protect your adorkable baka twin brother too lolll)!!! Of all the character he has the best first impression partly cause of his teenage raggedness is just perfectly done (think of a VERY  chill version of Yurio from YOI loll). 

One thing I really like (and was surprised to see) was that that they show his relationship with SolidS's Tsubasa which was flipping cute and hilarious seeing Tsubasa picking on him in a brotherly/senpai-kohai way lolll. You can tell Tsubasa does adore him even if he does not realise it. 

Ichiru also looks up to Shu and like his brother and Eichi, he works hard to catch up to Shu and their senpai in the industry.


So the episodes follow QUELL members who is the 'youngest' unit in the Tsukipro line up so they are not as popular or in most of their member's case as experience as their rival/senior units SolidS.

The episode following the group's day to day life as we see them doing idol work like promoting their radio show and music to them taking dance and music lessons, we also them doing work outside of the idol world like Shu as he promotes his drama series.

This is the first time I get to see the idols in training as in the past series like Tsukiuta the only time I recall them talking about the behind the scene of them training/practicing/taking lessons is in the drama CDs and briefly in the anime as they practice for the event. I like this scene especially how they animated that the QUELL guys still have a bit of a way to go in order to even catch up to Tsubasa yet they train their hardest.  


Not gonna lie I feel bad for the group as especially for Shu.

Especially in that moment where he wishes that QUELL could have sang the theme song for his drama series (i was wondering why didn't they choose QUELL when I initially watch that scene) but what he said is sad but realistically true, his previous idol group shadow is just too large at the moment. 

When i saw this scene I keep thinking where have I heard this... then it hit me after talking about this scene with my little bro that it reminded me of the situation former members of a band call S Club 7 (lolll for those who are a little TOO YOUNG and never heard of S CLUB please do yourself a favor and look them up! They were a british pop band and a huge part of my and my bro's childhood and my lucky bro got a chance to see some of the former members perform at his uni last year!) tried to start new groups but fail as the shadow of their former success was just too big for them to even take off. Even so there are also many singers/groups who still manage to succeed even after their former unit disbanded.  

Anyways, that aside I really like how for once they show the writing process for the song and that Shu included the group into the writing process! I was so surprised and happy to see this scene and its really sweet how he's pushing his fellow members to do things they normally don't need to bother about. 

Like they said, its their song and its their way to reach out to their audience. The montage of the group as they look around for inspirations (and went to a tower record look alike πŸ˜‚πŸ˜… loll looks like there is no tower record endorsement unlike TsukiAni Animate adventure), listen to the base that Shu put together, scribbling through the scores was refreshing and  highlight of the episode for as we see the group calmly scramble to put together a song.   

Also the scene where we see the group preparing dinner was really nice. Loll they really are like a family, Shu being the dad, Eichi is the mum and the twins are the cute but hyper crazy kids πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† loll seeing the group working together whether it being idol work or cooking dinner makes me feel warm and happy in the inside. 

Musical Bits

I'm currently catching up with QUELL music library mostly while playing TsukiPara but I do enjoy their songs. Its not something I'll normally gravitate towards since its the type of songs you'll want to take your time to listen to but after watching the episode I actually have a new found appreciation for their songs. Its similar to Solids, though I do prefer their songs more, I initially found their songs hit or miss when I first listen to them but after watching the episode I do have a couple of songs I like from the group.

Because you are ~ OP
Of all the 2.5D animation OP we've gotten QUELL's looks the best so far! Its so beautiful and mesmerizing watching the guys dance and perform and also the motion capture was flipping perfect and natural!

The op song is one of my favorite QUELL song so far and its a good choice to open the series

Chiisana Sekai ~ ED

This is the song the guys scrambled though the second half of the episode to write. I really like it especially how all their voice sound together. Its slightly different to the usual QUELL song but then again its suppose to sound different in a good and meaningful way. Its very cheerful and upbeat and suits the ending of the episode.

I'm starting to see a trend in the ED on how all the song is a little different from how said unit song is supposed to sound and you know what??? I really like that the units are experimenting and evolving with their sounds since this songs are gonna be featured in the upcoming LIVE EVENT it will be bland if they just keep playing the same old stuff. Its like how artists IRL too experiment and evolve with their songs as they grow which makes sense seeing how the Tsukino talents are treated and promoted like REAL artists that grow as we grow lollll. 

Insert Songs

BELIEVER~Inori~ (SolidSγ‚·γƒͺγƒΌγ‚Ί QUELL「BELIEVER -η₯ˆγ‚Š-」)
HOLY MOLY!!! As i was looking up on which Drama CD this song came from ITS THEIR DEBUT SONG!!! Yah I might have to hunt down that drama CD when I'm done with this post. 

This song was at the start played during the LIVE Radio show as it transition to Shu listening to the radio in the car. 

Aoi Mizu (SQ QUELL vol.2 "I saw a rainbow")


Loll first off the title literally translate to blue (Aoi) water (Mizu) in English πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

That aside I like this song! Watching the anime, its the first time I listen to this and its very fitting for the scene of Eichi and the twins as they practice. It kinda sound like the OP or the theme song for a shojo anime with its face-pace tempo and powerful sound.


If you like tsukipro and have not gave QUELL a chance PLEASE WATCH THIS EPISODE as the QUELL guys need all the love and support they can get! This episode gives me a new level of appreciation for the guys and did a good job of introducing and making want to root for the guys.

Huhu I'm sorry QUELL boys for not looking into you guys works sooner! I see why those people who hype the group REALLY hype them as their worth the hype. They are an adorable family unit and I really hope as the series progresses we get to see the group grow and catch up with their senpai and get the exposure they deserves! 

Also if you play TsukiPara QUELL is finally added into the game and there is gonna be a Halloween event featuring the SQ group along with Shun and Hajime! The madness is gonna be great and crazy!
This series keeps getting better!!! Makes me look forward to GROWTH episode  which is airing tonight!! Yatta I'm excited! I'm mostly familiar with Growth songs, not too much of the characters and though I have a rough idea for their back story. 

What are your thoughts on QUELL??? 

Till next time

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