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Tsukipro The Animation (ProAni) Episode 10: A Gift for the Future


I know I know I know I'm slacking but I seriously haven't have much time to blog lately thanks to IRL but heyyyy new blog post today I'm just throwing out there while waiting for the new tsukipara christmas event! 

Hello people of the interwebs!!! Last SOARA centered episode so grab a pillow and some hot tsukino chocolate as this one is filled with warm fluffy moments! 

As always there will be spoilers as I'll be blabbing my fangirl heart and will make reference to both ProAni, TsukiAni and the other source materials in the series like SNS short stories on twitter (ALIVE) (SQ) (Tsukiuta Men Series) and Drama CDs.

Episode 10

Episode 10: A Gift for the Future focuses on SOARA's bassist Nozomu as he and Ren take part in a variety show to promote the band and the upcoming Tsukipro concert however just as they were about to go on set Nozomu looses his lucky guitar pick that his older brother gave him. Meanwhile Sora writes the last song for the Tsukipro concert. 

The Characters

The last two SOARA episodes focus mostly on Sora, Mori and Soshi so its nice to see Ren and Nozomu getting more of the spotlight this episode. 

Were also introduced to Nozomu's older borther Izuru Nanase (CV:kaito ishikawa) who is also a bassist and was what influence Nozomu to be the 'super charismatic bassist' he is today. This is the first time we see we got to see a characters sibling that is not part of the Tsukino Talent and about freaking time as if you follow the Twitter updates or drama cds you'll sometime see some of the Tsukino characters talking about their siblings and occasionally they'll make an appearance like one of the recent one was Gravi Aoi's older brother in the twitter stories. 

We learn that Izuru is Nozomu's father figure since their dad passed away when they were young due to an illness.  

Its nice seeing a flashback of their sibling relationship when they were talking about how red bean ice cream reminds Nozomu of his brother. This part which I relate to Nozomu so freaking much!!! 😍😋😊 

Also I just have to mention this but baby Nozomu is so adorable!!! The cutest purest angel lollllll Also its so freaking weird that baby Nozomu sounds exactly the same as current Nozome!!! lolll like why didn't they get the VA to sound younger or cast another VA IDK but it was weird!

Nozomu had a lot of 'I'm fire up moments' in this episode which were hilarious as the rest of the SOARA members reactions varies from 'Ummmm 😅' to 'wowwwww'. Loll this is what you call friendship goals!!!  

We get to see more of Ren and Nozomu's friendship since they were classmates and are the same age. Its nice seeing them working together as well as looking out for each other. 

Sora!!!! My best boy of the series! Every time I this dork makes he me so freaking happy!!! One of the side story is Sora struggling to come up with their last song for the Tsukino concert but thanks to his friends little foodie trip around their neighborhood along with Ren and Nozomu's situation they managed to finish the final song (on time lolll).

Lastly Mori and Sochi are seriously like Gravi's Haru and Hajime! I really like how we see more of Mori being the 'unofficial leader' of SOARA in this episode. Seeing how mature and put together this two are often makes me forget that they are the same age as Sora 😂😅

The Story

We got to see SOARA at work mostly on promoting the up coming TsukiPro LIVE.

Nozomu and Ren story of they going on the variety show at first a bit under prepared but eventually managed to redeemed themselves is probably my favorite part of the episode as its a very SOARA message of learning from your mistakes and improving. 

The variate show is freaking random as its like a talk show about shops in your neighborhood but heyyyy if Japan can have a variate show on people climbing slippery stairs going viral on the interwebs this is nothing.

I also love the moments when the whole band is together whether its chilling in the common room or going out with Ren and Nozomu on a food adventure! 

I'll say it again SOARA is freaking friendship goals! And once again this show made me EFFING HUNGRY!!!! loll like cane we get through a ProAni episode without foodporn?!?! probably not lollll

Speaking of Nozomu! I really like the the lucky pick story on how much the pick means to him and how he lost and found it! Its a realistic and relatable story as I'm pretty sure almost everyone have some sorta lucky trinket that is precious to them.

What's most interesting is how Ren 'found' the pick by being observant at Nozomu's habits of stuffing everything in his pocket. 

Easter eggs/Reference

Wait... what anime was I watching?!?! LOLLLLL  Rin..... you're in the the wrong anime!!! joke

This is not really an easter egg or a reference but I just HAD TO POINT OUT that Izuru's character design resembles A HELLA LOT like this other onii-chan!!! He looks so freaking much like Rin from Free!. 

Also SOARA had a promotional event at Animate. For those who don't know what Animate is, its a store that sells pretty much anything and everything related to anime/otaku culture so you can get almost anything anime/idol/game etc merch related. They also have an online INTERNATIONAL store (HERE) so if you can't go to Japan get it to come to you 😆😆😆

A nice little throwback to Tsukiuta which had a whole episode dedicated to WTF Animate is and how everything works there. That episode is one of my favorite as  Six Gravity's Haru had the Manager of the Day event and sold those cute little limited edition Animate Haru tsukusa (completed with glasses and mole!). Sadly no dancing mascots lolll I'll pay to watch that again! Also if you were to ever go to Japan and I'll assume you reading this blog post do like anime watching THIS TsukiAni episode might make you want to go to Animate for a 'cultural experience' though you might also want to hold on tight to your wallets and maybe bring an empty suit case??? just saying that's my game plan if I were to ever go to Japan lolll.

More of a random though but when Nozomu was shouting 'croquette' I keep thinking of the Tsukiuta's pet dog Croquette!!! Loll and yes Six Gravi Kakeru and Koi has a pet dog named Croquette (named by Kakeru as his golden brown coat reminds him of croquette!!!) who made his first appearance in the duet drama CD  'Inocencia' when they adopted him which FYI is kinda my least favorite duet song thank to Tsukipara as I once played it NINE... yes NINE FREAKING TIMES IN A ROLL during the summer event! Also Croquette made an appearance in HUMAN FORM in the last Tsukista Lunatic Party and he's adorable! 

Musical Bits

A Gift for the Future (朊æĨãļãŪčīˆã‚Šį‰Đ Mirai he no Okurimono) - ED

Last SOARA ED song and I its so warm and comforting just like this episode. 

Like they say this song has a very SOARA message similar about overcoming problems. I like the montage showing the process of the guys learning and recording the song.

Similar to Friends but I like this a little bit more cause I luvvvv the acoustics guitar bits and the very SOARA message about achieving your dream.


My jaws hurt from smiling like an idiot watching this episode but seriously I have so much happy fluffy feels and feels so warm and comfy in the inside. I'm gonna say this once more SOARA is literally friendship goal and not gonna lie seeing their friendship makes me miss my friends back in Australia especially when we used to live on campus and will hang out in the dorm's common room all the time.

I really enjoy all their relationship/friendship explored in the episode and its heartwarming to see Nozomu and Izuru together. SOARA really makes my day seeing how positive and upbeat their songs and personalities are but also the bond among the members.

Not gonna lie... I'm sad that this is the last SOARA centered episode and that ProAni is almost over. But heyyyy maybe with the success of this series we will have a season 2 or some sort as ProAni units are getting a season 4 drama cd next year and there's the stage play series that I'm SUPER EXCITED FOR. gahh but I also want more Tsukiuta.

Back to catching up with the last Quell episode while I recover from the most recent tsukipara event and waiting for the NEXT tuskipara event... my hands are not ready for this... gahhh the things I do for those beautiful cards!!!! 

Till next time

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Tsukipro The Animation (ProAni) Episode 9: Overcoming Destiny "Venga"


I'm a little behind on Tsukipro thanks to putting my laptop in exam jail but heyyy am free now so guess who's been catching up?!?! Me!!! Also guess who's out of touch with blogging after taking a 2-ish week break??? Also me! 

Hello people of the interwebs!!! Its the last Solids centered episode today and boy was this a good one!!! 

As always there will be spoilers as I'll be blabbing my fangirl heart and will make reference to both ProAni, TsukiAni and the other source materials in the series like SNS short stories on twitter (ALIVE) (SQ) (Tsukiuta Men Series) and Drama CDs.

Episode 9

Episode 9: Overcoming Destiny "Venga"  focuses on Solids Dai and Rikka as they're cast for a women's cosmetic commercial. Rikka who's a model since childhood is a a natural Dai is anxious about the shoot due to not being comfortable being in front of the camera.

The Characters

Wahhh this episode is probably one of the better character development episode that requires little knowledge from the drama CD to understand what's going on so far!!! YESSSS Thank you Tsukipro though i doubt you guys heard my rant from the previous episode lolll.

All the Solids guys got a good amount of development that Drama CD listeners will be familiar with but even if you're watching this for the first time its still easy to catch up. 

Lets start with Shiki. I have been WAITING for RADIO SHIKI ALL SEASON and preying to the Tsukino goddess he'll appear! Let's just say Radio Shiki is one of the few times we see this serious workaholic let loose a few screws thank to his VA going a bit out of character but heyyyy Radio Shiki is hilarious AF EXTRA . 

Anddddddd he when he mention about his obsession with shichimi spice again being his favorite product and I died laughing! Every freaking SolidS episode there have to be a moment where they highlight Shiki's soba obsession. If you don't know what shichimi spice is its a Japanese 7 chili spice blend often sprinkled on top of soup, noodles, rice and even rice crackers. Think of it as like why people put chili flacks on top of their food but its in a  grind up powder form. Most Japanese restaurants I go to will have it on the table as part of the condiments along with soy sauce and such. I personally use this on top of fried rice but never tried it on soups or soba like Shiki. Also like Tsubasa said this USED to be a Shiki merch that they sold like months ago when I was still new and clueless to the tsukipro units but when I when I went to the animate store site to look for it its no longer there.

Also Shiki's leader/senpai mode!!! He really reminds me of Hajime in this scene when he was encouraging Dai on the commercial shoot. Shiki and Dai has quiet a unique relationship as they have similar personalities so they can easily understand each other. I really like how Shiki show Dai how much he's changed since their first photo shoot and entourages him to have confident.

In this episode we finally get to see Tsubasa onii-chan mode!!! This episode shows how observant he is and how he genuinely care for everyone in the unit. Haha he's super adorable and EXTRA when smothering Dai with his onii-chan love! Its nice to see a bit more about their relationship/friendship as that's something I don't see much about through the series.

I really like this moment when he got Dai to talk out his problem. But what made the scene for me was when he tries to help him with taking selfies!!!!!

and roping Shiki in the process lol. Haha I can't believe Shiki actually gave into Tsubasa's smart idea!!! 

Also its nice to see Tsubasa being a normal uni student for once. Loll I relate to him at so many level as a uni student especially the studying part as I can NEVER focus in my own room and always end up in the dining room/study room studying.

Bonus, Ichiru's being smothered by onii-chan Tsubasa is freaking adorable! I love Tsubasa-Ichiru moments.

Rikka... *low whistle* his VA really make the character for me and its probably probably THE BEST Hanae Natsuki acting I've seen. He portrays Rikka as someone with a good balance of beautiful and feminine looking yet still manly.Especially the scenes where his voice went freaking and low seductive till poor Dai-Chan got flustered lolll. 

Also during the CM shooting... I know he's supposed to be a princess but HOLY MOLY when he ripped the dress, let loose his hair and shoes THAT WAS HELLA INTENSE IN THE BEST WAYS POSSIBLE! Like I was dying or the nosebleed worthy intensiveness watching this!!!!

Now the main focus of the show DAI-CHAN!!! I adore Dai and I'm sure most people will like his character especially after this episode. He has the best character development in this episode and series! 

So one thing about Dai and its a a call back to the drama cd is that he might be stoic but he's also ambitions pushing himself to his hardest to equal his Solids senpais since he's the youngest and most inexperience of the group. That's why he's super anxious about the commercial but it also does not help that he's still not used to being on camera. 

This episode does a good job showing how much he's grown as a person both personality and professional since joining SolidS. Whether you listen to the drama cd or are watching the episode for the first time you can see he's improved a lot especially on his facial expressions when taking pictures. 

Rikka and Dai's relationship is the highlight of the episode! I always adore their friendship when listening to the drama cd but NEVER have I SHIP THEM THIS HARD till this happened and gahhh I know this is not a BL/SHONEN AI/YAOI but this episode made me want to say that the intense bromance tsukiuta/tsukipro is known for has cross the line (and I don't mind).

Watching Rikka and Dai's relationship reminds me SO FREAKING MUCH of Yoru and Shun from Procellarum. Its shown mostly in the drama CD that Yoru at first didn't have much confident, similar to Dai is not good with photo shoot and is VERY stubborn and negative often talks to Shun who has a boat load of confidence and is a very positive person. Like Dai as the drama CD progress you'll see Yoru getting more comfortable and better at photo shoots. 

The Story

This episode mostly follows Rikka and Dai's commercial shooting for the cosmetic promotion but we also see Rikka at his modelling shoot. 

Also this is probably the most I seen their manger in the episode lolll. He's cool he's like dad 2.0 of Solids. 

Reference/Easter Eggs

A nice little call back to TsukiAni when Hajime was shooting for that lipstick commercial!!! 

Also the lip gloss that Dai and Rikka did the commercial for is real along with a blush and hand cream and on sale next June! In fact Hajime and Shun also have a gloss, blush and hand cream too!

Gahh the make up junkie is drooling over this even though I know I have like 10 lippies of the same shade especially for Shun pinky nude gloss and Dai and Rikka's coral gloss since those are the colors I normally go for. 

Rikka helping Dai (with the help of Tsubasa) out with the commercial is a nice call back to the drama CD (which you can read the translation to that part HERE) during the first Solids shoot Dai put too much pressure on himself plus he didn't have much confidence and experience when it came to showing his expressions when taking pictures so Rikka help him be more candid by using a trick they did on him when he was younger by using the camera shutter remote to take his picture while having a casual conversation. 

Obviously no camera shutter remote were used here but he did help with changing the direction of the shoot and making it A HELLA LOT MORE INTENSE since he knows that Dai CAN DO IT XD Also poor Shiki he's gonna have to answer to the Board later about the commercial loll.

Last ones about Dai-Chan are a couple of fun little easter eggs from the drama cd! 

This is a Dai and Rikka thing from the Drama CD is that they normally wake up early to go for a jog since they're idols and in Rikka's case model so they can eat all those yummy food Rikka cook up loll also joke. 

Also Dai-chan actually have a sweet tooth and onii-chan Tsubasa is always spoiling him with sweets, pastries and lots of love lollll.  This scene for a second there Tsubasa reminds me of a 'slightly down to earth' version of Tomoki from Ouran high school host club!

Musical Bits

Overcoming Destiny "Venga" -ED

Lollll honestly this high fantasy power-rock theme MV reminds me of the last Tsukipara event 'Alive fantasy' lolll Tsukino must be in a JRPG kick lately with the event that pretty much killed the fandom to awaken the freaking neet lolll and this MV.

I really like how no two Solids ED songs are the same style and that its really different from the 'traditional' SolidS song since Shiki is know to play around with different music style. Mostly its nice seeing Rikka and Dai's voice stand out in this song.

Back on track is still my favorite ED song from Solids but I like this more than than Ouka Ranman. 

Song Recommendation

Murase Dai – Phantom Drive ~ SQ「X Lied」vol.4

No insert song madness this week which is kinda weird since its normally the Solids episode they'll go insert song crazy so here's a recommendation!

I mentioned back in the first SolidS episode review that Dai who's voiced by Umehara Yuichiro has my favorite singing voice in Solids and Phantom Drive is my favorite individual character song from SolidS. I really like the fun and upbeat jazz-rock sound and if I didn't know it was J-idol music I'll have thought this was a western music loll. This is on the lighter side for a Solids song and will be one of the songs I'll introduce if you're listening to Solids for the first time. This is one of those songs I can see myself listening to on a summer road trip.

Also I find it ironic this song is called phantom drive yet DAI CAN'T DRIVE YET lollll I'm hoping he'll take his driving lessons soon just for the fun of it and hopefully be a better driver than the other three ! 


Ending the last SolidS centered episode on a high note lets take a selfie! Lolls joke but I really like that scene!

I really appreciate the way they told Dai and RIkka story in this episode even though the intensiveness from the CM almost made me die of nosebleed. Admit it its hella hawt! Welcome to the intensive bromance of Tsukino talents loll

I'm a bit sad that this is their last episode but hey the last Quell has Solids appearing in it so its not the last time we get to see them. 

Okay now to catch up with the rest of the ProAni episodes as I'm so behind thanks to IN REAL LIFE. 

What do you think of this episode??? Also will you be getting the make up??? 

For me I can't bring myself to order them as its just way too expensive to purchase them online considering shipping/proxy service/ the shitty currency/ duty tax and such so I'll rather stroll into sephora and look at some other brands for dupes of the lipgloss and blush. 

Till Next time