Wednesday, 11 October 2017

RowLife: I'm gonna marathon blog + Where is the blogs?!

Hello people of the interweb long time no blog... again😅

So as you can tell from the title this is literally the question that has been toss at me by a handful of cousins of mine.... yes my cousins read my blog as they are the only people I'm related to that I feel comfortable to talk about this geeky hobby of mine and that they keep telling me to get back into blogging.

So with that I've set up a little challenge where I'll have to post up something this blog every day or else every other day for the month of October starting today 11th October 2017 till 11 November 2017 and it could be about anything that I want to write in the moment whether it be games, reading, anime and so on. Either ways there will be at least 15 blogpost coming at you so stay tune!

This is just gonna help me get back into the mood of writing and hopefully you guys will enjoy what I have plan for the next month. I've been in a slump for blogging but every time I try to write about something I either loose interest or have no idea what to write. So much has changed in the last two years of me on and off writing, I'm not exactly the same RowReads you guys came to this blog for as I've sorta lost interest in reading YA, I've gotten into other hobbies like gaming, anime and etc.

Either ways I hope you guys will enjoy and will continue to support what's to come on this blog mine and wish me luck as i have to start drafting and preparing a hella lotta content to post here.

Till the next blog post aka what I'm uploading along with this life update (which you can read HERE)

I'll mostly be updating and posting this onto my tumblr (I'm more active here) and twitter with the #ROWBLOGGINGMADNESS

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