Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Book Review : The Bet by Kimberly Joy Villanueva

Goodreads Description: 

Drake Swift has never lost a bet with his best friend - until now. His punishment? Make a girl in school fall for him and then break up with her just as shes fallen for him. But who would be oblivious enough to fall for that? Her.

Enter Sophia Taylor - quiet, brainy, and unassuming - the perfect pawn for their game. And for Drake, that's all it is - a game. But is it? Drake finds that Sophia is quite more than he bargained for. Perhaps he has her figured out all wrong. The real question is, will Drake win the bet, or will Sophia win him over instead?

 Title: The Bet
Author: Kimberly Joy Villanueva (iluvbooks on wattpad)
Genre: YA, Contemporary, Romance, Chick Lit,
Format: Paper Back
Pages: 276
Source: Gifted from friend who got if from the Philippines.

Read the original version on Wattpad

Confession : i found this story in 2011 when i first joined wattpad and randomly typed in 'Taylor Swift fanfic' and this was the top story so yah... Random...

I read the original version back when the author was posting it chapter by chapter on wattpad so this book has a special place in my heart as it not only was it cool that I followed the development of this book but also this was the first Wattpad book I read and loved!

Its been 2 years since i read the original and though I like the publish version

I preferred the original version more.

 There were a handful of typos and several changes from the original including one major story change which i didn't like and threw me off the story for a bit.

I felt like the last one-third of the book was too rushed which made the book even more disappointing for me. Maybe i would have enjoyed the story more if i didn't already read the original but I still like the idea of the story and the characters. 

Drake and Sophia were both likeable but i felt like there could be more development for their characters even though with the bet they both got to know each other more and were really sweet and cute. They also changed each other for the better. Pia stepped out of her shell more while Drake started having a drive or a purpose for the next chapter in his life.

What i don't get is how Drake twin sister is Pia's best friend yet they have never meet prior to The Bet.

Overall its a cute story that started with a 'simple bet' but developed into something more making 'this love sweeter than fiction'.

Anyone who is a fan of Taylor Swift definitely needs to give the story a go as this indirectly is a Taylor Swift fanfiction!

Music lovers will appreciate the playlist the author added at the end of the book as you'll definitely find some awesome songs,some familiar and some new. My fav is Passenger Seat by Stephen Speaks.

If you like Wattpad romances you will definitely like this! There are many more Wattpad books published in the Philippines so I might one day pick up more of them as I do have plans to visit there... someday... ^^
Also the book has recently been pick up for a movie in the Philippines! I can't wait to see how its gonna look like and I might make a book to movie post on some of the book to movie adaptation I am looking forward to. 

Check out the Author on her Wattpad Page ilurvbooks for more her book including the squeal/spin-off of 'The Bet' Colliding of Fate.

What's your favorite Taylor Swift song?

Mine is Superman, 22 and Sweeter Than Fiction

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