Monday, 4 April 2016

RowLife: I'm Really Back, I GRADUATE! Life and blog updates!

Hello internettttttt!!! Remember at the start of the year when made a post after a hiatus that I was back and then I ended up not posting anything until NOW??? Well I really am back and for good! So I was gonna start posting in January but then I thought 'You know what... NO. I'm gonna start posting when I am done with uni and graduate'. Fast forward to a few months and a lot of procrastination later and...


*phew* but you know what... I might not done with education as I'm now in the process of applying for Masters *gulp* and that's scary! loll its like applying for uni all over again.

Now for book reviews... I'm gonna take a bit of a break as I have not been reading that many review worthy books this past few months and the ones that I have been meaning to review... I kinda forgot my thoughts so I'm actually planning to get back into the swing of reviewing by rereading some of them but also picking up a few old favorites to get me out of the slump.

Speaking of books... I've kinda been on a book buying ban as I'm saving up for my graduation trip in May, a trip to the UK and maybe Europe in June and I know this is gonna sound childish but I'm actually planning to get a Nintendo 3DS XL when I get back to Aus for the Graduation ceremony.

I know I can live my life without the console and just play games on my PC (which is what I've been doing my whole life lolls) but its kind of a life long dream of mine to own a Nintendo. I actually made a pack with one of my best friend where we won't get the gaming console of our wish till we graduate.

Also it does not help I still have a TBR basket overflowing with books that I need to try and start reading as though I was not reading that much... I still have a problem with book buying which has stop as I mention saving up for other stuffs.

As for what's to come to this blog till I start getting back into the swing of reading??? 

A while back I started a section on my blog called 'RowGames' and 'Otome Reviews' where I post reviews and walkthrough for games that I've been playig mostly with good strong narrative like Life is Strange and the Voltage Inc.'s Otome games.

This genre of games is something I'll recommend to readers and book lovers alike and were some of my more popular posts in the last year. I plan to bring out more reviews especially for the Otome Games since reading and playing Otome has been like my biggest obsession this past few months. In fact by the time this post is up I should have a second Voltage Inc. first impression up (Click Here) if you're interested and I recommend reading the first part of my Voltage Inc. first impression (Click Here) where I get into detail about Otome games, how it works and give a quick review on the games I've been playing. 

Okay peeps I'm really back so look out for more new content filling up this blog! And if there is any book recommendations in particular Aussie YA as I plan to get a few when I visit Melbourne in May please recommend!

Till next time (which will be soon! Promise!!!)

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