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Book Review: Every Breath (Every #1) by Ellie Marney

Goodreads Description:

Rachel Watts is an unwilling new arrival to Melbourne from the country. James Mycroft is her neighbour, an intriguingly troubled seventeen-year-old genius with a passion for forensics. Despite her misgivings, Rachel finds herself unable to resist Mycroft when he wants her help investigating a murder. And when Watts and Mycroft follow a trail to the cold-blooded killer, they find themselves in the lion's den - literally.

A night at the zoo will never have quite the same meaning again...

Title: Every Breath (Every #1)
Author: Ellie Marney
Genre: Conteporary, Thriller, Mystery, Crime
Format: E-book
Pages: 335 pages
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Source: free of itunes

Thanks to Miranda of Bookss101 and Ebony of DarlingDemsel as watching and reading your rave made me read this! :D

I love Sherlock and have watch many adaptations like the the Robert Downey Jr movies, the  Steven Moffat BBC adaptation and my personal favorite, MidSomer Murders (especially the Tom Barnaby and Ben Jones arc!!!)! 

This is one of the best and unique adaptations. Sherlock meets YA set in Melbourne!

Follow Rachael Watts who's family moves from the country to Melbourne befriends her neighbor Mycroft. Together the neighbors, best friends and partners in crime investigates the murder of their friend Homeless Dave while Rachael finds herself falling for for her mysterious friend. 

I liked Rachael from the start! Quick thinking, tough and tomboyish, she's a country girl trying to fit in and adjust to life in the suburbs of Melbourne. Though she is mature, there were times where she makes some stupid decisions though thanks to her quick thinking she manages to get them out of the situation. 

Mycroft... where can I get me one?! I love reading more about Mycroft as he is so mysterious and has some mess up secrets and past which makes him kind of insane. He has a lot of issues that got me a bit frustrated at times bout once I understand him I empathize him. Also I love reading about his passion or forensic science and though I don't understand the jargon at first it was still fascinating reading all about it! 

Also did I mention he is British? Hello sexy British accent!

I love reading the diverse cast of side characters! Mai and Gus, Rachael and Mycroft's classmates and best friends were great to read especially Mai and her knowledge for Legal studies.

Also I love the family element of Rachael and her family! Though she's angry with her parents for moving to the city, she is still supportive and does not make a fuss about the move. 

I also love her relationship with her brother Mike as I RARELY see YA with a good, strong and realistic brother-sister relationship! In fact THIS how a brother-sister relationship should be written (I know as I have a little brother and the way Rachael interacts with her brother is how I interact with mine).

I enjoyed the plot and how it throws you straight into the action without giving the readers a heart attack along with the pacing though I found the first one third of the book a bit hard for me to click with the story. There was a good air of mystery which made the book a page turner as I want to know what happens in the end! 

I like how we slowly got to know a bit about both Rachael and Mycroft and their past trough the book. I also like the suspense and gripping moments of THAT climax as I was on the edge on my seat reading it! There were some good plot twist though I kinda foreshadow the big WTF event the moment I got enough evidence though it came out totally different from what I expected.

Though I've read a couple of Aussie YA's that is set in Melbourne (which has been my second home for the past 5 years) its still refreshing and exciting to read a book set in somewhere familiar and was great picturing them taking the tram/train and going to some places that I've passed by or am familiar with.  

One thing that made the book for me was Rachael and Mycroft's relationship! As the book progress they developed a 'more than friends/neighbor/partner in crime' relationship and boy was the tension between them gripping to read! 

They keep insisting they are 'just friends' but the more the story develops the more I wanted to shout 'OH JUST GET TOGETHER ALREAD- oh.... ohhhhhhhh xD

I love when the two of them bilker and watching the tension between them build and though it took a while for the romance to build but ITS WORTH THE WAIT! Best friends turn romance is one of my favorite kind of romance and I love how once they established their mutual feelings its not dragged for the rest of the book!

Also when they are together expect alot of swooning as the romance is cute and HOT!

Overall this is a great and solid start to the series! Its well written and researched, great cast of characters and refreshing plot! Rachael and Mycroft are one of the best bookish duo's I've read!

I just purchased the whole series and am currently reading Every Word! This is a great YA Mystery & Crime Romance and Sherlock with a twist! 

Check out this book (and series) and get lost in the mysteries! 

Now to get back to my copy of Every Word as I NEED MORE WATTSCROFT !!! 

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