Sunday, 19 April 2015

RowLife: Update, Currently Reading, Reading Slump + More!

Heya! I'm BACK!!!

I've been M.I.A for a so long so this blog post to update what's been going on. 

Its been weeks since I last posted a review/post up. Lots of things has been happening which kinda leads me to being in a blogging slump. 

During my summer break, I was on an internship but also learning how to drive I managed to shoot out regular reviews and occasional fun post like Top 10 Bookish Boyfriends and Most Anticipated Movies.

Now that I’m back at Uni, things are busier with assignments and tests to study which leads me to not able to review

I have A LOT of books that I recently finished but just been having a hard time putting my thoughts out which leads me to a blogging block. Gah!

Anyways like I say Lots of stuff have also been happening. 

1) Passing my driving exams

Woo Hoo!! I got my licence *happy dance*! I passed my exams at the end of February. Fast and Furious in real life here I come!

Till then I need a car …

2) Back to reality aka Australia, Uni and studies

One more year of Uni and I’m graduating! I’ve A LOT of assignments this first half of the semester especially since I'm taking subjects that involves more reading and interactions with my group mates. For the first time I'm taking electives in Marketing and Management as in the past I used to stick to Finance (which is my minor) electives. It’s fascinating seeing a side of Business that involves more talking and interaction and less of a calculator.

Its kind of a struggle as I am a bit rusty in the 'writing an essay department' as in finance and accounting  is more on more of math and accounting problems or mid term exams.

Also NEVER leave the essay to the flipping last minute as I had three essay due the week before Easter and being the procrastinator I am I leaved all three essay to the last minute so no sleep but just me typing and rushing out all three essays! Yah I never learn *face palm*

3) Currently Reading

Like blogging I have been in a reading slump thanks to uni but also the last books I read Every Move by Ellie Marney and When You were here by Daisy Whitney gave me a very good book hangover! I rarely get book hangover but I could not stop thinking of the book or even the series so I ended up re reading Every Move.

No joke I now understand the real meaning behind this John Green qoute...

My though are stars I cannot fathom into this constellation is how my brain feels when I was trying to write my review  as its all over the place!

I needed to take a short break on reviewing to be up to date with Uni but also catch up on my thoughts on some of the books that I love cause I read so many books over the holidays my mind is all jumble up and have yet to process come of my recent reads.
Speaking of recent reads, I FINALLY HAVE TIME TO CATCH UP ON READING during my term break! I got some lovely shiny ARCs that I need to get on to reading and reviewing so hopefully I’ll be up by the next week.

The Pretty App by Katie Sise

I love the Boyfriend App (full review here) and was anticipating The Pretty App as we get the point of view of the ‘antagonist ’ in the last book Blake as our main character. Though I was not a big fan of her, she was still intriguing that I wanted to read about her and her history with Audrey. I’m currently halfway trough and gosh I like Blake more than I expected! Also it has a ‘The Selection’ reality TV feel to it which makes it enjoyable as there is lots of drama.
I love drama (shove popcorn into mouth).

I happy danced and skipped back to my dorm from  the post office the moment this was in my hands! I love the concept of it being ‘The Breakfast Club’ meets apocalypse. I read the first chapter of all four characters and so far so good. Gonna read the rest of it as soon as I am done with the Boyfriend app.
I bought this for my brother's birthday (and I forgot to hand it to him! gah!! I'm a terrible sister) as I wanted a 'guy lit' that he will enjoy but after reading the blurb at the back I kinda want to keep it for myself (of share it with him like the good sister I am) as I love the concept of the book. Its like An Abundance of Katherine took a trip to Korea for a League of Legend Tournament. Though I am not a big 'LOL' fan I live in a dorm where some of my friends are fans of the game that got me interested.

4) Every Move Book Launch

I read Every Breath over the holidays on e-book thanks to ibooks for releasing a bunch of  'first in a series' for free. I love the series and each book gets better and better as it progresses.

It was great meeting the author and getting my book signed but also I got to meet up with some of my awesome Aussie booklover friends! 

Every Breath Review (Click Here)

Every Word Review (Click Here)

Every Move Review (Coming soon)

5) Easter Break!!!

Mum and little bro just left a few days ago after visiting me for the break.

I love it whenever my family visits as it means spending time with the ones I love but also GOOD FOOD! haha sorry sucky dinning hall food. 

No joke if you follow me on Instagram (*cough* link on the side) you'll probably see some lovely food pics.

So yah that's some of the stuff that's been happening in my life. I'll get back to regular blogging in the next week after my mid-terms which ends on the 24th April so look out for my next blog post.

Till next time

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