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Game Discussion: Life Is Strange Episode 4 (Dark Room) SPOILERS!!!

WARNING: SPOILERS FOR EPISODE 1, 2, 3 & 4 OF LIFE IS STRANGE as I'll be discussing the choices I made in the game and why. If you want to see a no/mild spoiler review (Click here) for episode 1 and for episode 2 (Click Here). Episode 3 (Click Here) and 4 (Click Here) review will contain spoilers.

Life is Strange is a game based off of choices and how it effects the past, present and future. I will also talk about the continuation of my choices in the previous episode and how it effects my gameplay. If you want to check out the choices I made in episode 1 (Click here), episode 2 (Click Here) and episode 3 (Click Here).

Major Decision 

1) You accepted Chloe's request
Ohhhh boy.... from the start the episode throw us into the deep end, giving is one of the hardest choices of the game. I seriously sat there for like 10 minutes, staring at my screen on what I should do.

I actually turn off the sound and click 'I don't know' as I seriously didn't know what to do and it was just painfully emotional to hear what she got to say. In the end I choose to accept as she reminded us of the letter and conversation we had with choice. Also I thought to myself in that position will I want to keep suffering or die peacefully as let's be honest, Chloe is in a 'good place' at the point where Max visits her.

I'll be honest... while this part was emotional, I didn't cry until we got to 13-year-old Max as she let William go and assure 14-year-old Chloe that she'll always be there for her. That made my heart sank as we not only know about William's fate but also about how Chloe handle the situation.

This choice was powerful and emotional and got a good debate on the topic of euthanasia and if its morally/ethically right to let someone go like that. Heck I'm actually taking a subject this semester and I use this choice as an example for one of my project. 

2) You stopped Warren from beating up Nathan.

I'll admit I actually let Warren beat Nathan to a pulp but it went a bit too far to my liking and to the point Nathan was on the ground crying and bleeding and Warren was.. well I didn't want him to drop to Nathan's level.

I could not take seeing Warren go all 'ape' on Nathan so I rewind time and stopped him as I didn't want him to regret his decision on beating up Nathan and seriously I think Nathan will be important later on so I decided to spare him one more time... GAHHHHH this decision better be paid off well in the last episode if not I'm going back to let warren beat him up!

3) No one got hurt.

sink into chair with relief *phew*

Goodness was this one of the time where I use my rewind power to the point I was scared Max will die of Nosebleed! Seriously I rewind at least a dozen times to make sure NO ONE died/ got hurt.

When I replayed the game I actually managed to get onto Frank's good side in one shot with Chloe still with a gun. It is possible to get a 'good outcome' in one shot but you just need to be careful not to mention anything about being in the RV or that will piss him off. Get on his good side by being in Max shoes and say things that she'll probably say like 'I'm scared'. Also I love how this puzzle played out as once again actions from previous episodes takes into consideration like if you shoot/ didn't shoot Frank and if you know about Rachael's picture or Frank rescuing the dogs.

This episode we are finally get to see both the consequences in long run but also get rewarded for those 'good deeds' we did through out the game. Saving Frank and getting him on the good side is obviously one of the best outcome as not only does Max and Chloe have a new ally but also we get to see a nicer side of Frank like that he genuinely cared  for Rachael and of cause the man loves his dog.

This is one of my favorite puzzle in the game and reminds me of the dinar scene in episode 3 where we "eff frank, nathan and the cop's brain and rewind". I mention in my review that the 'dialog tree' is very diverge and heck because of this scene I actually don't mind the delay of episode 4 as it was choices and consequence perfection at its best! Also I love it when we warn Chloe she acknowledges Max's rewind powers.

4) Victoria believed your warning.

YAY YAY YAY!!! Victoria protection squad is a success!!

Yes she's a mean girl and a capital queen bitch but this episode, depending on how you talk/view to her and your past decisions, she may turn out to not be a bad person but someone who is very insecure and has a lot of pressure on her not to mention she actually think Max is cool! Either way I actually like Victoria as a character and was so freaking relieve when she believe our warning.
Minor Decisions

1) You saved the Blue jay

Fly away freely birdy!!!

2) You didn't disturbed the bird's nest. 

For optional photo reason I did move the board but then I let the 'little eggies' sleep peacefully after that. 

3) You found David's code

HAHA that padlock code from episode 3 came in handy! I actually did two rounds to see the other options of getting the Key and it turns out the other option (if David is still around) had to use the whole 'eff his mind and rewind' mechanic from the episode 3 diner scene and the swimming pool stealth scene but in this case we eff with the fuse box, be kind and rewind. 

4) Kate helped you find Nathan's room. 



I meant she's on suicide watch! But then again coming from the fact that Kate was allowed pencil and is not under 24 hour surveillance I guess she has her ways.  

5) You motivated Daniel to attend the Vortex Club party. 

I was actually debating on whether or not I should motivate him to go to the party since he is one of the kids that always get bullied but I decided ,' Dude you need to suck it up and loosen your self' and maybe if he was at the party he will make friends and won't be so lonely.

Turns out I had nothing to worry about as he got to hang out with Brook and maybe I managed to cupid them together. Though what confuse me was EVERYONE WHO WAS AGAINST GOING TO A VORTEX PARTY IS THERE! Even the lonely invisible dude Luke and Alyssa who hates the vortex club is there!!! Gah this game is hella confusing with the characters.  

6) You left a message on Warren's slate.

Can I just say how ADORKRABLE THIS WAS!!! As much as I like Priefield I ship Warren and Max more.

7) You figured out Nathan's PIN code. 


HAHA this was so easy*flip hair*! Got it in one try as I thought the scrap of paper with the random numbers will be too obvious so I though 'if I were to use something as a easy pin number what will it be??? AH HA MY BIRTHDAY!

8) You helped Alyssa. 

Oh gosh am I looking forward to the day we have to save Alyssa from a rainbow puking unicorn #sarcasm

I've saved her in every single episode and what did we get in return??? a poetry session of my once upon a time favorite poem not I am kinda sick of hearing it 'The road not taken' by Robert Frost. Still the poem does suit the game and what I'm afraid its foreshadowing for how the game ends.


I love how crazy they take into consideration all the action, affecting everyone game play. This episode has some of the heaviest choices in the game and I can't wait to see how they affect the final episode.

I love how we are finally seeing the long run consequences and hopefully I made the right decisions.

If you play the game and make similar/different decisions, let me know in the comments and lets discuss!   


As I was editing this post, the Developers  announced THE FINAL EPISODE IS AIMED TO BE RELEASED AROUND 20 OCTOBER 2015!!! Its a a lot longer than the '6 to 8 week' waiting period but as seen in this episode which was delayed by a couple of weeks on how complicated the action/consequence dialog layers are, I don't mind them delaying the game's release as long as they take as much time as they need to perfect the final episode.

What are your thoughts of this episode? And what are you anticipating for the finale?

Also check out my review for Episode 4 (Click Here)

Happy Playing !!!

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