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RowGames: First Impression of Voltage Inc Otome games

GUYS!!! I FOUND A WAY TO BUY FICTIONAL BOYFRIENDS! Problem??? they are two dimensional pixels... *sigh* so close yet so far.

Okay people first off don't get turn off by the title of this post cause trust me I almost got turn off from the idea after a quick google. Also I seriously need to get a freaking life as this is literally what I spend my Friday Nights when there is assignments or homework aka me being being lazy... on Tumblr and googling random shitz...

Also grab a snack a this is gonna be a LOOOOOOONG ass post as I am literally gonna ramble my first impression about some of the games. 

Yah this was roughly the pic that got me into a vortex of searching... and the game sounds like the tv show Revenge
I follow a few Japanese theme gaming blog and saw someone spamming my tumblr timeline with - I kid you not- a hella lotta pictures of ridiculously good looking anime guys that resembles a couple of characters I was looking at from another game, Story of Seasons! Yes it sounds like some cringe worthy love at first sight love story in a novel but I kinda was intrigued with the those picture and went clicking happy at tags.

One of the word I kept seeing was 'Voltage Inc' and 'Otome games' so I did a quick google search and... um... not my cuppa tea when I saw the word 'girl games' and 'dating simulator'. In fact I was almost turn off with the idea.

Now I consider myself a 'game girl' and yes i do play some 'girl games' aka games market more towards girls like Emily's delicious and cooking mama for the fun of it. I never like the idea of 'gender separation' on gaming especially since I grew up with a little brother and literally we take turns playing and sharing whatever we were given on the PC or the game boy.

Also the idea of playing a 'dating sim' makes me feel kinda weird as I'm not THAT desperate for a dating experience or virtual love (fun fact... went on a couple of dates a few weeks ago and didn't go so well not to mention am kinda turn off with the idea of dating anyone at the moment... whylah are the guys that are interested in me A class jacka$$ or creeps T.T I'm sticking to fictional guys till I'm an old dog lady lol.).

But then looking more into it the 'dating' part of the games actually remind me more of the romance/dating system in harvest moon games but for a more mature YA to NA theme and I don't have to give gift to the guys like every single day to increase their heart points. *sigh* I miss playing Harvest Moon...

Anyways, curiosity got the best of me so I head over to good 'ol Wiki and after snooping around the side for more information,I'm pulling out my ipad and am downloading a bunch of this guys... I meant game apps! Also since uploading this screenshot I've gotten MORE of those apps... I think i'm going to have a problem.

Disclaimer: CGs/SS/IMAGES belongs to voltage inc. blah blah blah you guy get what i mean 

Game 1: Kiss of Revenge

You’ve finally made it.
You’re a doctor now, working at a major hospital in Tokyo, the very same hospital whose covered-up medical error caused your mother’s sudden death 12 years ago.
Since then, you've lived for that nothing but revenge.
But now... “No matter what happens, I’ll always love you”.
You feel yourself pulled towards his lips and you hesitate, your hand and the knife in it freeze for a moment.
Would forgiving this person be wrong?
 —Story summary, Voltage Official Website

The premise of the story follows your MC who is a new Doctor at Ebisu General Hospital, the same hospital the MC's mom died 12 years ago. Fueled with anger and hatred your MC has only one goal which is to end the life of the doctor who took her mom's life away only what she didn't plan was to fall in love.

So the first app I tested out was Kiss of Revenge aka if the TV show Revenge meets a dramatic version of Scrubs were to be made into a game but set in a hospital in Japan. My first impression was IT TOOK FOREVER TO LOAD THE BLOODY THING as its when I found out you needed internet (and my dorm room's wifi is the worst!) to run the game.

In this game there are 4 guys you can choose to romanticism yourself/ the MC. 

I like the idea of the story and each guy have something very intriguing in their story. I'll probably get one or two of the guys main story in this game but I also want to try out a few other apps before I make my decision. I also like how there's literally a guy for everyone! So yes you have a choice of which guy you favor over when choosing which story to get. Also from what I see so far is that each story will be a totally different timeline/cannon so IF I were to get anything from this maybe I'll get two of the guys routes to compare and see how diverge the stories are.

Which guys... I meant Route I'm gonna get???

The stories I'm leaning more towards getting are Issei 'The Cool' and mysterious surgeon as from what I gather he have some dark past that might be related to the MC and her quest of finding out what really happen to her mum.

I'll also probably get Jumpei ' The Childhood friend' as I love childhood friend stories and will in some ways follow the classic 'anime trope' of the MC falling for the childhood friend. Also he is a freaking sweetheart!!!

As for 'yourself' aka the MC,  I was very impress with how the Main protagonist in this game (and the other ones I played)  as she's not some 'damsel in distress' but a woman on a mission. Fueled with hatred and anger towards the Director of the hospital she's currently working in for 12 years, she's been plotting her revenge to average her mother's death by being a doctor and killing him. Even though its a bit overboard for the MC to become a doctor just to seek revenge, I still like her character and she is genuinely dedicated with her job. Only flaw is that she will make a terrible spy as she make herself too obvious when trying to dig information about her mother.

Overall this game screams DRAMA! Workplace Drama! Medical Drama! Revenge Drama! Romance Drama! and my personal favorite, 'GRAB YOUR POPCORN AS SHIT GOES DOWN DRAMA'. I like drama so am looking forward to seeing where the story takes us.

Game 2: My Sweet Bodyguard

One day, you suddenly learn that your life is in danger... and you will be assigned your very own 24-hour personal bodyguard!
While he protects you from danger, your relationship with the bodyguard takes a romantic turn...
 —Story summary, Voltage Official Website


Okay so this was one weird game but still I love it! haha!

Basically your MC has grown up without a father and moved to live with her grandmother after her mom passes away years prior to the game. One day while on the way to work, the MC gets attack only to be rescued by a swat team of bodyguards and is taken to the newly appointed Prime Minister of Japan residents. There you learn that the MC is his long lost daughter and that her life is in danger so you're given an option to choose which guy you want as your bodyguard.

Okay so there are actually 5 main guys to choose from in this game, Subaru, Kaiji, Sora, Mizuki and Katsuragi who are all working with the Prime Minister security but you can also choose guys from the police force like Goto (and a few others but am lazy to look them up) to be your 24 hour protector.

I love the story so far and was laughing my head off in the prologue as:

1) cross dressing Sora is kawaii and I really though he was a she
2) the MC slapping Subaru silly only to get a hug from him to calm her down (WTFFF haha!!! ) cause he think she stress out from the attack ordeal
AND 3) Kaiji being the awesomely typical childhood friend teasing the MC like there is no tomorrow (come on 1,2,3 aaaawwwwwww).

Which Route Is Gonna guard me???

I'm narrowing down to two guys in this game and I'm not gonna choose any of the police team since they have their own game and I might check them out there.

Okay so the same dude who hugs the MC after she slaps him NEEDS to be given ago! When I first played his story I was actually scared as heck as he always look angry (not the same friendly bear who gave the MC a hug when she was traumatize from the attack). He's very 'hot n cold' as only relationship is his work. Also 5 minute into his route and we're in a GTA action sequence that got me on the edge of my seat! Cue the dramatic music but it was awesome! I must have given a 'good' answer as he change from serious to lay back and friendly.

I had to choose 'The Childhood friend'! This was the first guy I picked as I think in such situation the MC will have gone for something more familiar. Also I want to quickly point how in some other routes I noticed the MC at times tend to second guess herself for picking another guy instead of Kaiji as her body guard. Anyways his story was freaking cute and I was laughing at them bantering and teasing each other like when they were kids and even bring out a couple of childhood memories.

Voltage sure knows how to write good childhood sweetheart games which should not be a surprise since almost every game they have has that character trope and have dedicated a few games to the childhood friend theme.

As for the MC... I actually have not much to say about her in this game. The only thing I like about her is how she's very feisty and if not for the fact that her life is in danger she really does not need a protector as she's strong and independent.

If Kiss of revenge is more of a romantic drama, this is more of a romantic action comedy with a sprinkle of drama. Its more light hearted and fun and as promise some of the situation the MC or even the guys get in will leave you laughing and rolling on the floor.

Game 3: Scandal in the Spotlight ~ Our Secret Love Song

Japan's hottest boy band! Five members perform, but the sixth--the lyricist--never shows his face. However, his sudden disappearance has forced YOU to take his place!
"We're not letting you go, Little Miss Ghostwriter."
You're about to embark on a life of deception and glamour alongside national pop stars!
—Story summary, Voltage Official Website

Confession: I AM NOT A FAN OF J-Pop or K-pop or any of those pop idols and I AN NOT A FAN OF BOYBANDS (sorry one direction fans). However... I think i might want to give some of them a try after playing this... oh god i might need a doctor as i'm falling for 2D pixelated guys!!!!

The story follows the MC, a budding screenwriter who's friend at her usual cafe gives her tickets to a 'Revance' concert to cheer her up after her notebook with one of the song she wrote for her drama goes missing. It turns out that that friend is the songwriter of the band who 'runs away' due to writers block and the band enlist the MC as his ghostwriter as apparently her song writing skills are THAT GOOD and they need to be pumping out more songs to please the fans.

With that you are given the choice of which band member you want to 'help' and by help aka turn you new job of babysitting the boys into some odd romance. Once again their personalities and stories are very diverge so choose the story you desire the most (or in my case choose the one who I think is the cutest! haha! Dang why do they all have to be so good looking??? Oh wait they are idols... they are suppose to look like 'Gods' gah!!!)

This being a 'musical theme' story I love the soundtrack especially when it transition from one scene to another. I especially love the sound effects at the start as it makes me feel like I am really in a concert!

The stories are overboard dramatic but still really fun and laugh out loud! Maybe its because I'm a very cyclical but I love the guys snarky, angst and hot n cold personalty! They all look like sugar coated sweet prince that charm the pants (and wallets) off their fans but when they are off stage and out of the over the top costumes they are all the total opposite of what the fans portray them in their mind.

Which dude am I gonna team up with??? 

I seriously love the cast of characters in this game and I really can't choose which to pick or narrow down but If I were to choose my first choice will Kota as he looks like a cat the cute cuddly type that also scratches you if you piss him off. Kota is not only a pop idol but an actor and in his route you help him write the theme song for the movie drama he's acting in (and oh gosh its the typical rich boy falls for the poor girl K drama story...). His character is describe as very hot and cold towards the MC and his sarcasm is top level awesome!

My other choice is Takashi cause it will make sense in the MC case for her to team up with the other songwriter of the band to write the much needed music. He's not only the song writer but also the leader of the group and you might have to be run for the hills when his sweet face is in monster mode... ahhhhh!!!

If you love J-pop/ K-pop and ever have fantasy of working for a boy band, dating a boy band or read too many wattpad 1D fan fiction (okay this I am actually guilty of doing but hey, After by Anna Todd is a freaking good book and I actually read them because my best friend is into this sorta things) this might be the game for you! Also if you are someone like me and want to understand WTF are every girl on the planet worshiping guys in boy band definitely check this out.

Game 4: Our Two Bedroom Story

You work for a publishing house and decide to start living on your own.
But a coworker's in your new home?!
"This is my house... but you could live with me."
Your new roommate hands you the key, and your secret life together begins...
—Story summary, Voltage Official Website

The game follows the MC as she gets transferred to a new department at her workplace at the same time her mum remarries. Not wanting to 'intrude' the her mum's love life the MC moves out and her stepfathers offers her his house but forgets to mention his son is also living there. Soon the MC find out that one of the colleague is also her new step brother/cousin and house mate! Of cause this being a Voltage game put them two together and *boom* you have some romance!

This is the VERY first game where I bought a voltage boyfriend and also one of the best as from the start I was laughing my heads off at this game! Also the game blurb is very misleading as not only is your new housemate your work colleague and potential lover but it forgot to add that he's also your new step brother/cousin! WTF!!!! That was the only thing that I was uncomfortable about this game! While the whole 'step sibling' thing is not often brought up through the demos i've played so far and yes they are not blood related, put in such situation won't you feel slightly ... oh I don't know... WRONG?!

Still put my issues aside I love love LOVEEEEE this game! I love the story, cast of characters and even the theme of the game! Even the MC in the game is awesome! While inexperience at her work and at times naive, she's willing to work hard and learn from her colleagues. Also the relationship building in this game is one of the best both between the MC and her housemate as it was more of getting to know each other and slowly but surely fall for them as well as the relationship between the MC and her co workers as they all feel like one big family or a clique of gossipy high school girls (and boy do the guys know how to gossip!)! 

Like the guys in Scandal in the Spotlight, the guys at Seasonelle are like 'down to earth' office drama version of them. Once again different guys different personality both at work and at home which in some ways its kinda cool seeing how this guys are like at home. In fact some of them turned out to be surprising on how their personalities are like at home!

Who is my new housemate???

Okay so this dude is actually a new addition to the game and his route was very hyped on tumblr so MEET MY FIRST EVER OTOME & VOLTAGE BF IS Tsumugu Kido. I got his season one bundle and have played up to around the sequel and LOVE IT! Definitely worth the hype and staying up till 3am (oops... sorry mum!). In fact his route surprised me and sort of set a high standard for the other guys in the game. He follows the 'split personality' and tsundere trope. If you enjoy 'love hate relationship' and a very snarky yet awkward guy who can also be a gentlemen when he wants to, Tsum-Tsum's the Kido for you *gah! his terrible adorkrable puns are rubbing on me!*.

Minato's story will probably be the next guy I purchase cause he's literally my kinda guy! Confident and hard working yet corky and always teasing the MC. In some ways, playing his demo reminds me a bit of Tsumugu's.

Check this out if you like office drama and roommate romance! 

Game 5: Finally, In Love Again

You’re a pastry chef. You’ve been wrapped up in your job, and your love life has fallen by the wayside.
'I don't think I know how to do relationships anymore.' You go to a singles event on your birthday and five attractive men profess their love for you!
A dramatic love story begins…
—Story summary, Voltage Official Website 

If Our Two Bedroom Story was where I purchase my first Voltage BF, here's where I dedicated my investment. Some otome fairy decided to put the first season on sales so yah... I bought 4 of the guys first season... I am so broke!

Once again the game's blurb is very deceiving. Also this game has recently been updated with a new prologue and some new characters.

The MC in this game is a pastry chef who is in her mid-30's and has given up hope for love after her ex-boyfriend cheated on her 10 years prior to the game. We follow her as she gets an invite from her mum to a 'singles party' on her 34th Birthday. The day before the party she gets fired/quit (depending on the prologue) after accidentally throwing a cake on a customer (who is later one of the potential lovers) and runs into her ex boyfriend Kazuki. Here you have a choice to follow the ex or customers Aki and Momoi which turns out to they want to offer you a job at their pasty shop 'Larme'. Depending on your choices, you'll ended up celebrating your birthday with your ex boyfriend or at the singles party where the MC catches the attention of five younger guys (including Aki and Momoi). In each route the MC gets a challenge where she has to create a cake to go with the storyline.

Of all the 'slice of life' and romantic comedy theme voltage game this one stood out to me the most! It focuses on a taboo topic of when a woman 'past their prime', dating younger man and even the pressure on someone to look for someone to settle down and have babies from their family and friends. Mostly this is about giving love a second chance.

The MC in this game is one of the best as she is very passionate, caring, independent and driven in her work of being a pastry chef but at times naive and awkward on how to react in some of the scenarios due to 'not having any romance for 10 years'. This is what make one of the best and most realistic MC I've encountered in the voltage world and to be honest its kinda fun watching her trying build her confidence to temp the guys.

Don't play this game at 2 am as you'll get hungry every time they mention pastry and cakes they make since the game is set in a pastry shop. If you like the co worker relationships in Our Two Bedroom Story, you'll love the relationship between the people at Larme is similar where they work together and banter among each other like a family.

Also the cast of side characters are the best like Iku who is like the ''little sister' of the Larme gang and is literally a girl version of Momoi, the MC's best friend Miho who no matter which route we'll meet as the MC need a girl friend to bitch about her love life problems and the MC's siblings Hana and the twin brothers Take and Tomo who are freaking awesome on reminding the MC that she's 'old'! LOLZ

The guys that I bought thanks to the voltage otome fairy for putting them on sale and making me broke!

I'll definitely put up a full review on the guys routes so this is sort of a quick review to help you guys choose who to go with if you are thinking of getting the game now.

I was actually gonna get Momoi's route first but thought 'why not get the ex ' as I was very intrigued on his story and why did he and the MC broke up. BOY WAS I NOT EXPECTING TO BE SWEEP UP AND CHARMED THE PANTS OFF BY HIM! Heck if i were to compare him to any of the guys I'll say he's like an older version of Aki. I got his first season and played through the whole game! There were some love triangle drama in both the Main Story and Sequel but the Epilogues... if you like a hella lotta smutty sexy scenes, you might want to get some popcorn as there are a lot of them (I could make a drinking game and get drunk for every sexy time there is in the main story epilogue). Mostly what I love about this route is the MC getting over what happen 10 years prior to the game and her and Kazuki trying to work their relationship around their busy schedule. In fact though this game is dedicated to the MC going out with younger guys, I feel of all the guys her and Kazuki's were meant to be! Check him out if you want a more nostalgic storyline but I say definitely get his route if you are interested on what happened 10 years ago.

Momoi is my favorite type of fictional guys! I have a soft spot for the Ore-sama trope aka confident yet corky and egoistic guys who an be really mean and a tease at times but once you warm up to him he can be very romantic and affectionate! Like the MC, he is a pastry chef at Larme and is best friends with Aki. His route was laugh out loud hilarious thanks to his snarky remarks and I love his chemistry with the MC though some of the stuff he said was infuriating mean that I almost flip my ipad when playing the route! While his route was mostly helping the MC progress in her skill as a pastry chef, I love how their relationship developed, which was freaking rocky progresses as there were a lotta ups and downs as Momoi tries to inspire the MC on the theme of the cake for a contest by reminding her of young love but holding back his feelings due to something sad that happened to him in the past. If you like love hate relationship with a good couple revery mix with Momoi cheekiness you'll love his route! 

I should have played Aki's route first! Of all the routes his is the best introduction to the idea of the game where the MC is conflicting on dating someone younger than her and the pressure she has to get married as well as it it properly introduce the MC's siblings. When I was playing Kazuki's route I loved Aki's character and immediately (at 3am) bought his and Momoi's route! Cool, calm and charming with an air of maturity, Aki's route surprised me as I thought his story was gonna be mehhh. It turns out that I was wrong and that he is a freaking beast of a flirt behind that 'Sir Smiles' poker face! His main story route was freaking entertaining and is like a classic romantic comedy. As for his sequel that's where all the drama happen and its quiet emotional especially since he's known to not one to show his emotions well. As for his relationship with the MC, I love how he's very sweet and supportive of her no matter what in not just his route but the other routes. Also jealous Aki is the most precious thing ever!!! Aki's route is a must play if you are gonna get this game!

I only got half of his first season as from the other reviews that I read his was very mixed reviewed as some people love it and lots think it was meh. Describe as the MC's brothers childhood best friend, he's very quiet and mysterious. This is gonna be interesting as the MC does not remember Sosuke from her past in all the routes I played but from what it looks like he remembers her. Also in both Momoi and Aki's routes the MC finds it weird dating someone as young as her brothers... its gonna be awfully awkward when dating someone who is close to her little brothers.

There are a couple of other guys in this game that I want to get as well as the season 2 routes as there are PROPOSAL AND WEDDING STORIES in that season an. In fact of all the games from voltage I'll probably invest most of my time and money on this one. This is a must own game if you are gonna give otome a try as it has the best 'slice of life' stories, characters and even scenarios that will make you feel nice warm and happy in the inside but also lots of laughs and emotions. Mostly you'll be routing for the MC as she strives to her dream where she's given a second chance to be a successful pastry chef and finding love. 

Downloading the apps

When loading each game a quick trailer/mini movie will be played followed by 'customize' your Main Character (MC) name. So yes in some ways it's like a way to 'experience' dating where you can add your name or whatever name you fancy. For me I went with my 'English Starbucks alter ego' name and choose Ruth as it will just be damn weird for me to put my full Chinese name into a Japanese game lol!

This is followed by a prolong where you're introduced to the idea of the story and the guys you can potentially 'romance yourself' with. 

You can click on which ever eligible lovers you fancy and play the first chapter for FREE to get an idea of the story.

Like the first chapter? Great! I have played most of the guys first chapter on the first wave of apps i downloaded and so far I'm actually impress.

Want more of the story or swoon worthy action? Um... Well... you'll have to pay $$$ for the rest of the story.

Purchase the game

Route Prices:

Update: I've adjusted the price as Apple has since increase its prices including Australia which means that its gonna cost more... :s 

Main Story (12-15 chapters with 2 endings) - AUD 5.99
Main Story Epilogue (3 chapters) - AUD 2.99
Sequel ( 8 episode with 2 endings) - AUD 5.99
Sequel Epilogue ( 3 chapters) - AUD 2.99
Sub Stories including HIS POV -from AUD 2.99 to AUD 5.99
End Sets (for games with love meter have instant access to both endings and end movie) : AUD 4.49
Season bundle (3 to 4 route depending on the games) - AUD 10.99 to AUD19.99

Yes each route cost actual MONEY which is the biggest complain I see all over the review boards when I was downloading the games. One route would cost you about $5+ which is the same as a cuppa coffee at a cafe or half a paperback book. What most fans justify their purchase by sacrifice buying Starbucks for a guys route and I totally agree especially since this year I've been cutting back on my spending and save by getting an extra to-go cup of coffee from my dorm (and yes guys i save a hella lota $$$). But seriously, purchase the routes only when you can afford it. There is no pressure to buy the route asap and it not only supports the developers and the work they put into making and translating the games but also let them know that the game is well receive so that they can bring out more content of the games or make a new games similar to the ones you like.

Normally I'm very stingy with my money including gift cards that I receive in the past. Its kinda ridiculous as I like to horde the gift cards so for the first time in my life I just splurge the itunes gift cards that have been collecting and saving for 'rainy days' on some of the guys - I meant routes - and guess what?? Its still not enough to the point I actually made a wish list! HA! It kinda helps that timing was on my side as when I first found out about the games as some of the more popular games have season bundles and they had an autumn sales but still SO MANY GUYS SO LITTLE $$$!!! *sigh*

Game Play

Since this is a game... there's really is no game play and even the interacting is different form what I expected. You basically choose the guy you desire and click around the answers you favor over the other similar to the choice option in adventure games like life is strange or walking dead where 'this action will have consequence' and will influence how the game plays and ending. Each chapter or episode is about 10 to 15 minute of of game play so I don't recommend marathon this in the middle of the night. There is also an 'auto save' function where it saves the last chapter you completed.

The only downside about the game is you need internet to load the story which at first I was not a fan as I was hoping to play them on the go since this is a mobile game. But when you play the game it actually makes sense as what's great about this 'interactive adventure' is that the guys form the game will 'send' you emails (you need to register your email btw) relating to events in the game! Its freaking cool when I suddenly got a bunch of emails from the characters in the game as it makes me feel like I'm part of the world/story and am interacting with the 2D guys!


I'm really impress with the games from Voltage Inc and I definitely need to check out their anemix games which are games created for the North American market.

So that's some of the Voltage Otome game I've played and gosh there are still lots more to check out! I just purchased one of the 'Love Letter from Thief X' season one route just as the sales was ending but have yet to properly play the prologue and am planning to get a couple of other games routes before I make another first impression. There are a couple that are more of the fantasy/paranormal theme, a lot of games that focuses on childhood friends nostalgia and ones that I have yet to check out are the 'arrange marriage' theme type of games.

Most of the games are developed and set in Japan and translated into English for western market. I had my fair share of cringe in the past of translated Japanese games not making sense but so far while there are some cultural gestures that I don't get or understand of have to remind myself 'ITS SET IN JAPAN' and that the stories, while cheesy its still a fun universal story that everyone no mater what or where can enjoy.

As for the recommended age, most of the games are rated 13+ apart from Kissed by the Baddest Bidder (have yet to play it) which is rated 17+ as its the most raunchy and mature themed game. I'll say the games are mature YA crossover with NA as its written like a YA story where its still okay for teens to read and the 'sexy times' aren't too much in detail so it won't scare the innocents out of you but keep in mind that there are mature themes/setting showed in settle ways.

If you want to experience fiction through a new/different medium or want to being serenaded by swoon worthy 2D fictional boyfriends definitely check out the otome games by Voltage Inc! Play the demos first before you commit and remember their looks can be very deceiving. 

If you've tried otome games or have tried some let me know in the comments your favorite and I'll definitely check it out. Also if you have played Voltage games and have a favorite game/ guys route that I have yet to check out please let me know in the comments so that I can review it in future blog posts.

Happy Playing!

Like this first Impression?? Check out the next one where I talk about five more Voltage Games (Click Here)

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  1. Well if you like those games I HIGHLY recommend Metro PD which is one where I can't stop laughing and I have so much fun with it! If you play it you should definitely do Hanai and Eiki cause they are just too...die...for...also Eiki is my husbo so don't even think about taking him :P