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Otome Review: Our Two Bedroom Story - Tsumugu Kido Main Story and Epilogue

Game Description:

You work for a publishing house and decide to start living on your own.
But a coworker's in your new home?!
"This is my house... but you could live with me."
Your new roommate hands you the key, and your secret life together begins...
—Story summary, Voltage Official Website

Disclamers: All images and CGs belongs to Voltage Inc. Game purchased with my own money.

Title: Our Two Bedroom Story
Character: Tsumugu Kido
Route: Season 1 Main Story and Main Story Epilogue
Character Trope: Tsundere, tragic past, elite gentlemen, slacker
Developer: Voltage Inc
Genre: Romantic Sim, Slice of Life, Mature YA, NA, interactive adventure
Platform Played: iPad (ios)

I'll make a prologue review of the game when I've played more around with more of the other routes but till then you guys can check out my first impression on Otome games (Click Here) where i speak briefly about my first impression of the games, in depth on the 'game play' and some other stuff you need to know about otome games if you're a new bee like me or carry on reading my ramble about my first ever otome boyfriend/hubby Tsumugu Kido!

Game's plot

The game follows the MC who is a journalist as she gets transferred to her dream department at her Shiki Publishing at the same time her mum remarries. Not wanting to 'intrude' the her mum's love life the MC moves out and her stepfathers offers her his house but forgets to mention his son is also living there. Soon the MC find out that one of the colleague is also her new step brother/cousin and house mate!

Season 1 Main Story

The MC finds herself living with her rude, cold and money obsess step cousin Kido. Meanwhile at work she's being transferred to a new department and is teamed up with another new transfer Tsumugu Kido. The MC soon finds herself hating the Kido at home but admiring the Kido at the office only to find out that they are the same person! As the MC gets to know more about him, he slowly opens up more about his past and how it affected him to have a double life.

The Story

Each story in this game focuses on the MC and her new housemate trying to hide the fact that they live with each other form the rest of the team while working on an assignment relating to the main story. Obviously with Tsumugu being a Tsundere expect a lot of hot/cold hostile moments between the two of them. One of the side story is when the Seasonelle team takes a company trip to Kyoto and the MC and Tsumugu takes a detour from the group and with the MC being the only girl in the department, Tsumugu crashes her place to avoid the other guys. There you'll learn that Tsumugu went to a really good university in Kyoto and is introduce to his school mate who reveals about Tsumugu's past.

The Guy

Okay so Tsumugu is one of those characters that took a while to warm up to and at times have me questioning my choice of having him as my first otome BF. His first impression made me want to cry of frustration of how rude he was to the MC. Heck he infuriated me (and the MC which by the way she's like my soul sister in this game as we had a lot of the same reaction) with so many rude and at times sexist remarks that i had a temptation of wanting to punch the ipad (but i resisted as its not worth the $$$ to fix a shattered iPad over a $4.99 guy). After a while as the two of them get used to each other I got use to their love hate relationship along with lots of silly and immature banters that made me laughing at all the stupid little things they argue about. 

At work he's sophisticated and efficient but prefers to do the work himself instead of sharing the job with his colleagues, an elite gentlemen with his tailored suit and slick hair, a hard worker that the MC looks up, confident but not cocky, talks in standard Japanese, is very polite and mysterious while masking his emotions with a smile. 

At home he's lazy, rude and foul mouth as he slip into his Kansai dialect. He is mean to the MC to the point he charges her rent and threaten to kick her out if she were to let his true self slip. His appearance is also drastically different as he dresses down in worn jumpers, glasses and messy hair. One thing that does not change is his obsession for strawberries and that he makes some of the most terrible yet hilarious puns! 

Anyways his split personalities is do different that I don't blame the MC for not putting it together that they are the same person till a bit into the game. As we further into the story we learn the reason why Tsumugu mask himself with a split personality as we learn more about his tragic backstory on why he is so frugal with his money and his reason for hating the MC (and woman in general). 

Tsumugu was such a confusing and unpredictable character that at times I was scared for the MC life on what's he's capable of doing to her. Still once we get to know him we learn he's nothing but an awkward and hilarious dork! He's just as sassy and snarky as the MC and some of the stupid banters that they have are hilariously cute and entertaining.

Also once you get to know his back story you'll feel really bad for all the stuff he has to put up with in order to get to where he is now. Tsumugu had a hard life growing up and I'm not gonna spoil too much but we do see a more caring side of Tsumugu and how he smartly handles a situation in the main story by relating it to his past.  

The MC

The MC in a gif guys
Gosh I love the MC from the moment I started the game! Heck I want to give her a hug for being able to stand Tsumugu for that long. While the MC is not as experience in her job as her new colleagues, she's a hard worker and willing to learn to improve herself. At times some of the things she say comes out as naive or makes me crings but overall I love how she has sass and can stick up for herself not only at home with the rude Tsumugu but also at work since she's the only female working in a male dominated department. 

I also like how she tries to understand and cares for Tsumugu even though he's a huge jerk to her. Also once she understand his past she becomes nicer to him in order to get along with him even though he pushes her away every step closer she takes. Now from the sounds of this the MC actually sounds like a real busybody butting into Tsumugu's life but it actually depending on your choices on how you want to 'shape the MC'. Either way she'll get the information about him one way or the other.

Mostly what I love about this MC is that she's genuinely loyal and kind and even though she hates the way Tsumugu treats her she still kills him with genuine kindness. 

The Relationship

One of the best choice I've ever made!! seeing the MC and Tsumugu snark war!!
I am a sucker for games that has a great relationship development which was one of  main reason why I tried out otome games (a part from a hella lotta good looking eye candy). The MC and Tsumugu's relationship started out rocky both at work and at home as Tsumugu and his woman hating views tries to make the MC's life a living hell to the point she decides to move out of the house while at work Tsumugu tries to monopolies their work, not giving the MC a chance to progress in her work.

Once the both of them warms up to each other they start corporate with each other at work and at home and even finding some common grounds like the both of them have the same favorite comedy shows. Their relationship was well paced out where the MC looked at their relationship as a friendship between housemates and colleague and didn't realise she has feelings for Tsumugu till near the end of the game. I like how their relationship is not romance centered but more to break the wall Tsumugu uses to protect himself and gaining the trust of the MC. Still it was frustrating seeing how I view Tsumugu actions as taking advantage of the MC for her money and at times manipulating her both at home and at work but all this issues are eventually answered at the end of the MS route or in the epilogue.

That aside them getting together and realizing their feelings was awkward but sweet. In fact I was not even sure if they will even be a couple in the MS but at last they did and I was squealing with happiness when they finally admired their feelings. Also Kido asking the MC out is adorable and I'm glad they didn't go all mushy I love you as it will not make sense with the pacing of the MS.

Still I am a sucker for their love hate relationship as if you guys know from my book reviews its my favorite type of romance. 

The Side Characters

wise words from 'big brother' Minato...
I love love love the cast of characters in this game and it kinda gives me a 'sample' of how the other guys's personalities in the other routes are gonna be like. I mostly like Minato and Shusei as they are both quirky and hilarious goofballs who both acts like protective older brothers to the MC and actually the next guy's route I got in this game is Minato's. 

Anyways I love watching the guys gossip like a bunch of teenage girls but also how they are serious and professional with their work under the watchful eyes of 'The Growler' as look out for each other and at some point of the plot were concern for both Tsumugu and the MC when things start to get rocky.

Also Tsumugu's school mate from Kyoto, Usui , though we never see the guy image was a really important character to help the MC understand Tsumugu's past and his behaviors.

Favorite side character: 

Obviously big brother Minato as he's a great Mentor to the MC who constantly tease her yet looks out for the for her while helping her on the job. Also he has some of the best and snarkiest dialog a part from Tsumugu through the game. As for the runner up it will have to be Shusei as he's so sweet and friendly.

Overall and Thouthts

Oh man was this a rollercoaster of angst and frustration along with lots of laughing but its all worth it when Tsumugu realise his mistakes and can finally trust and open up to the MC and for once ACTUALLY BE NICE to her as well as moving on from the pain of the past. We also find out he's real sweetheart to the MC and in his awkward own way and actually cares for her.

While it started out frustrating, I was still hooked as I wanted to know the mystery behind Tsumugu and see how his character and relationship with the MC developed. While the climax was intense, the ending while sweet and awkward felt very rush. But hey that's what the epilogues are for right? Also my favorite substory was the Kyoto trip (*sigh* one day I hope to go there) and when we see a different side of Tsumugu when he and the MC goes for an interview and he related to the son of the person they interviewed (I hope that's how you say that...).

I got the happy ending (along with a sweet CG of the two of them  K-I-S-S-I-N-G). Have not play the good ending so can't say if there are any difference but I assume we don't get the CG.

Speaking of CS, MY Favorite CG (Character Graphics):

I meant come one!! a sleeping Tsum Tsum in his natural habitat (boy that sounds bad)!! gah this one is cuteness!!

Get his route if :
- you have patience for really stubborn Tsunderes
- you like silly puns
- you like watching a bunch of grown men gossiping like teenage girls
- snarky and sassy dialogs
- great but complex character and relationship development
- not so heavy on the romance
- sucker for love hate relationship *like me!!!* 
- you love strawberries (cause there is a hella lotta them here)

Other than that I highly recommend getting his route and a must read if you like the concept of Our Two Bedroom Story. Yes the hype surrounding all those hot/cold angst was worth it when we finally get to see him being a sweet strawberry.


RECOMMENCED!!! with lots of sweet strawberries wrapped in a little bow on the side / WAIT FOR SALE??? / DON'T BOTHER 


The Guy

The MC
Main Story Epilogue

Warning: Spoilers for the Main Story
So this is the what happens after 'happily ever after' epilogues.

I'll admit I actually like the epilogue more than the Main Story cause we gotten past frustrating Tsumugu and now we have sweet but freaking awkward Tsumugu.

The Story

The MC and Tsumugu have settle down and officially started dating. They're trying to juggle their work life while hiding their relationship and home life form the guys at Seasonelle. Meanwhile the MC score tickets to their favorite comedy show and they go on their first date where the MC realizes that Tsumugu is not a lovey-dovey sort of guy.

The Guy

well technically you came in a bundle for $10.99 so yah not too bad... ^^
Remember how I said its all worth the hot/cold angst??? this epilogue proves it!!! If the MS was figuring out who Tsumugu is, the epiloge is exploring Tsumugu as a likeable character.  

We finally get to see a more layback version of Tsumugu as he warms up to the MC both at home and at work. He's not one for PDA and is awkward when it comes to being honest on showing his true feelings to the MC. This is partly from the fact they spend literally the whole of the main story fighting like an old married couple that he does not know how to act around her. The only thing that does not change is his double image and that he is still more reserve at work. Still I adore him as it turns out he's quiet a joker and constant tease and joke around with the MC. I can get used to liking this guy :P

While he has a hard time with PDA, one thing that gets Tsumugu on the good boyfriend book is how he notices little things about the MC like she likes to eat ice cream after a bath or pays attention to romance dramas the MC loves to whoo her. Its heartwarming seeing this side of Tsumugu.

The MC

Oh girl I feel for you! The MC is still recovering from the ordeal in the MS and is getting used to this 'nicer' side of Tsumugu while trying not to let it slip about their relationship at work as let's face it... she's an open book and is terrible at hiding her emotions.
(Tsumugu hurry up and give her poker face lessons) while at the same time is thrilled with this secret office romance.

I like her reactions and expectations towards this new found romance as its actually realistic wondering when he's gonna make all this first moves and such yet feeling in cloud nine when he makes all this little gestures just for her. 

Their Relationship

I was smiling and squealing like an idiot and laughing out loud at their relationship! Its great seeing how their relationship is slowly building. Its similar to the MS where they still have childish bickers but its now on a friendlier tone. Also Tsumugu is such a tease!! Ahhh him teasing the MC was so cute and makes up for all the rage I had with him (along with the attempt with punching the ipad I've turned to hugging the ipad)

Also they address one of the biggest issue from the MS which is Tsumugu sucking the MC money on rent, food and etc. Tsumugu feels guilty and regrets for his actions towards the MC in the main story especially since he made her pay for rent as a way to drive the MC out of the house only to of cause fall for her. Though he tries to return the EVERY CENT to her the MC suggest they keep  the in a shared account for their shared expenses since they are housemates and a couple now. Okay part this I have to highlight and solute voltage for adding it. In case any of you guys don't know I'm actually very calculative and thrifty (not go mention majoring in finance at Uni) with my $$$ like Tsumugu and the way they handle the money situation is the smartest financial act a couple can make! Anyone who read this part of the game I hope you'll apply it to you and your life partner (if you have a partner). 

Also when you learn the main reason why Tsumugu hold back and taking FOREVER (not really more like the whole of the 3 chapters in the Epilogue) to get past the kissing stage it's all over a little misunderstanding it's hilarious!!! Seriously MC??? You think of your stomach during a romantic drama??

The Side Characters

The guys at Seasonelle plays a minor role in this route which makes sense since this route focuses more on the development of MC and Tsumugu's relationship. Still since the guys are not aware of their relationship they tend to 'butt in' during some of their couple times like going out for lunch breaks and stiff.

Overall and Thoughts

The epilogue was short but sweet and basically ties up most of the issue that the MS didn't answer. Its a must read to get a proper closure to the Main story and if you want to finally see a nicer and romantic side of Tsumugu.

Also if you were wondering I was not overreacting about wanting to punch the Kido into the ipad... ^^ ipad is safe and so is Tsumugu and his strawberries .


RECOMMENCED!!! MUST READ IF YOU LIKE THE MS WITH A PORK BUN (or whatever munchies you fancy) on the side / WAIT FOR SALE??? / DON'T BOTHER 


The Guy

The MC

Happy Playing

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