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Otome Review: Ash Winters Main Story 2 ( Gangsters In Love)

Title: Gangsters In Love
Route:  Ash Winters - Main Story 2
Developer: Voltage Entertainment USA, Inc
Genre: Romantic Sim, Slice of Life, Mature YA, NA, interactive adventure, episodic 
Platform Played: iPad/Iphone (iOS)

Avalable on : iOS, Android

Disclaimer: CGs/SS/IMAGES belongs to voltage inc./ voltage entertainment USA or either one of this branches.

Warning for spoilers from the route
If you're looking for a rough summery of the prologue I covered in my First Impressions Review Click here  which i recommend you check out to get an idea of the overview of the game or read the prologue. Also check out/ play Ash's Main Story 1 route (Review Here) before reading further as there will be links/ spoilers for the events that happened in MS 1.

The Plot

Picking up immediately where we left off in the first MS, we follow the MC, Ash and the gang as they team up with an unlikely ally to take down Vyper. Meanwhile as Ash starts to warm up and be more open with the MC, his past is revisit which resents their relationship from developing further.  

The Guy

Ahhhh this guy!!! This guy!!! THIS GUYYYYYYY!! HE IS SO FREAKING PERFECT! I swear the feels I feel about this guy is nothing like what I played in a voltage game. He's messing up my bies list and shooting up to top 5 or maybe even 3 guys from voltage.

Through the route its pretty clear that Ash loves and cares for the MC (and Seymour) and shows this through his actions (and guns *cough* shooting thingy though not the abs guns though can I just say every time his shirtless sprite pops up I find myself swooning as he's freaking hawttttttt) since he is a man of few words. He's even sweeter and gentle with the MC that there were so many moments in this route that I felt my heart flutter. He's also very protective of the MC but does not hold her back but be this shadow watching over her from the sidelines with his snipper on a roof.

As for dealing with baddies?!?! that's a totally different story as he is reckless as heck! While yes he is very armed and skilled with his guns and yes I know this is freaking fiction I can't help but point out that in some scenes he was freaking lucky to come out alive! Need to get out of the hooks of being surrounded by bad guys after being shot and heck he's still alive? Have a lucky shot at the lamp to blow it up! Got 10 bullets but 11 baddies to take down? Well he better be glad that he is known as Chance's personal hitman so the moment his presents is known they scrammed. Like seriously every freaking time I think 'oh crap is he gonna make it out in our piece (I won't say die as this is a voltage game... no major character dies.... i think). Ugh this dude and the fact he is still in one piece gives me the same vibes I had when playing Uncharted. Also it kinda killed in the in me in the inside whenever he show his cheeky smile as they escape a dangerous situation...  

A bit of light is shined on his backstory and life as he slowly opens up himself to the MC. As I predicted in his MS 1 he's was a cop with a dark past of someone who he loved died while he was on duty in the hands of Vyper's gang. With that being one of the main reasons why he even joined Chance's gang and became a hitman to get his revenge on Vyper. Its interesting as we’ve seen several voltage characters who were deeply hurt with the death of someone they love like the characters that follows his cookie cutter story architype (Nozomu, Goto, Rikiya, our dear Kissed of Revenge MC, and a few more that I have yet to play) and like them Ash is just as scared by their death.

The MC

Okay hands down this MC has surpassed my love for my favourite MC in voltage that is the TLSL MC as she shines in so many scenes with her inner monologues to her actions, when she's interacting with the gang to taming Ash! (yes you heard that right) Heck there are times where the roles are reverse, the MC is in charged and that she managed to scared the crap out of a hitman!!! WHO DOES THAT?!?! 

It’s probably mentioned in other guys routes but we get more development of the MC's personality in this route where she is into baking/cooking but also she has a really good memory that she can memorised recipes (okay as someone who loves cooking memorizing recipes comes with learning and practicing how to cook so that part I don't really get part)

This MC is one of the more headstrong, badass and spunky MC I’ve seen though there were a couple of times where she did something that makes me want to shout ‘stupid MC what are you doing?!?! It’s a very VERY BAD idea she has her reasons that sorta turned out to be a good one. While Ash is very protective of the MC (and the MC is very well aware of that) she's showed to be capable of protecting and looking out for herself through the game and at times helping Ash and the gang. 

The Side Characters

Aurora is still my favourite side characters in this route especially when she teases and be all big sister concerned towards the MC and Ash. 

I surprisingly like Chance in this route. I saw that in some other routes he’s a total a-class jerk but here he was surprisingly nice and willing to listen to the MC’s opinions on how to help the gang.

Not much impression of Yoshimitsu and Irving but were both hilarious especially that one bromance scene of them playing zombie video games.

Than we have Mateo and I don’t know about you but I still don’t trust him! I’m sorry but his goatee makes me have trust issues. Also I’m still considering him the big bad of the game. As for Vyper… am interested to see more of his connection with Ash. We only know some vague detail so hopefully MS 3 addresses this.


The MS 2 in this game is the ‘Falling for him’ route where we get some actual romance and gosh was it good! Like I mentioned this is my first time reading the Amemix format so I can’t compare it to the other routes/games but this route had a good balance of sweetness, action, conflict and LOL random moments of the gang accusing Aurora of cheating at poker!

I like how it’s paced out where we get some gangster mission and then we recover with the gang goofing around (i love this dorks) and then hitting us with some fluff moment of the MC makes pancakes with a smiley face to cheer the injured hitman up!

In this route is like that good middle book of a trilogy where get some questions answer but even more questions that is left for the last story. It didn’t feel like a filler (thank god) and there were a lot of good character and relationship developments in this route especially for Ash and the MC.

The relationship between the MC and the gang has gowned as though she's technically their 'hostage' she's accepted as part of the gang that they even listen to her opinions when figuring out how to deal with the situation. 

Ash and the MC's relationship  is really sweet and loving and as mentioned is very different from other voltage guys as he treats the MC well and with respect (like he does not even throw insult and all those stuff we are used to seeing in at the start of a relationship with voltage guys) and even trust her to do what she think if best in that situation (like let her go and negotiate alone with the big bad without him accompanying her though lets face it he's on the next roof with his sniper gun).

Also can we just take a second to talk about the kissing CG! I seriously could not have think of a better ‘first kiss’ moment! Heck it came out earlier than I expected! That scene had me my heart felt all of this fuzzy fluff when playing as it’s sweetness overloaded ! Also if you have not seen the fill CG yet you should as Seymour is like sitting at their foot looking up going *FML I’M THE THIRD WHEEL but I ship this JOKE  

Like always there are two POV ending, both endings especially the Thrilling ending are must reads to understand all of the conflicting thoughts going through Ash head. 

Now the biggest question till the last MS is released (note this review was released before the last MS was released) is *POTENTIAL SPOILER BUT ITS A THEORY*   Who THE EFF IS EMMA?!?! 

From what we know, Emma is someone Ash loves and cares for and was killed by Vyper's gang during his cop days. In the past following the cookie cutter voltage trope its normally said guys partner and/or girlfriend. The details are still kinda vague and while I see some theories going around that Emma might be Ash sister... has anyone considered Emma to be a dog??? In particular a Pug since he's obsess with the KowBowWow Pug and has that pug life shirt??? Like it will be a good WTF plot twist that makes sense when connect the dots and helps that as Ash loves dogs. Anyways like this just a theory as mentioned before the released of MS 3. 


MS 2 was really fun to read and whiz through! I there were a lot exciting and action pact scenes as well as good relationship and character building not only for the main characters but we also get to know the side characters and their connection the gang a bit more. I still don't trust Mateo though. 

Anyways the last MS is gonna be released in a few hours time and I'm both ready and not ready to see what's gonna happen in this route. 

Rating :

What are your thoughts / route recommendation for Gangsters In Love?  Also follow me on tumblr (rotantrm) and the hashtag  #row plays otome  and #row plays GIL for more of my Otome rambling and game play commentary. 

Till Next Time, Happy Playing


  1. Thanks for your review! It was concise, funny and relatable XD

  2. I loved this so much it made me laugh xD i love ash so much i know how u feel :P

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