Monday, 19 December 2016

RowLife: Life Update and Long Time No Blog!!!

HIIII everyone!!! *wave hands shyly to you guys* as you guys can tell I have not been active on this blog and god I have so much to catch up for reviews and replies (and deleting and blocking to a few lovely throllers and haters) and all that stuff but anyways Hello people of the interweb I'm back!

If you guys have not been following me on my social media, mostly Instagram I've been traveling a lot this past few months and most of the time I don't have my laptop as I have an ipad to do most of my laptop stuff but also i wanted to travel as light and hassle free as i possibly can so I left my laptop at home.

So where have I been you might ask??? I’ve been to literally almost everywhere on the map both locally and internationally.  

Like the hat ^^ and the flowers and my buddy Andrew Brower (aka the bear :P)
In May I went back to Melbourne for my convocation/graduation with my parents and one of my cuz sis, and mostly was just showing my dad around while I finalized the last of my legal documents and uni paperworks as well as say goodbye to the place i called home for the last 5 years. 

They shot Harry Potter at this castle!! well not exactly this location as the place was huge but at Edinburgh castle xD
June (and later in September) I went to the UK to visit my little bro, help him move out of his dorm this was refreshing as the roles have reverse and its now my turn to help my bro with the move like he used to do when I moved out of my dorm back in Melbourne in my first year) as well as visited Edinburgh and London (this was a bit of a throwback walk down memory lane trip for my parents as they both meet and dated while at uni in the UK). July was a road trip visiting family and friends in Johor and Singapore and as  well as my hometown Penang to visit the rest of my family. 

In between I’m actually working with my family at their KL office just like how I interned for them earlier last year as their office was at one point very short handed though now I’m still working for them part time but from home as they have filled up the empty spaces but still need the help. I’m also looking into some jobs and sending out resumes cause let’s face it I can’t work at my family’s office forever as well as looking into syllabus studying my professional accounting papers (in case you guys don’t already know I got my degree in Accounting).

Speaking of studies… let’s just say that things aren’t going as planned as the Master’s program that I planned to apply for I was not eligible as I needed to sit for the professional papers before I can enroll... this was not what I was sold months ago so I was a little disappointed when I went in person to enquirer about the program only to learn that I am not eligible. Ah well I might look into other Masters courses or wait a couple of years and peruse an MBA. Who knows! I’ll be honest I thought I was done with education once I finished my degree but I still have that craving to learn more and improve myself. We’ll see. Now all I want to do is just focus and get my professional papers done which is what I'm currently doing now that is self-learning my papers.

As for this blog, I’m gonna continue my voltage otome game reviews as I got a lot of positive feedback especially for the Amemix ones. In fact as I’m typing this I’m drafting out another Amemix first impression review as Voltage USA just dropped a new Amemix game called Castaway! Love’s Adventure (Review Coming Soon) so look out for that and get excited as this is probably the most unique themed game voltage has released in terms of story and like all the Amemix games the diversity in this game is BEAUTIFULLY DONE (like the MC is a person of colour, first release cannon dude is an egoistic Korean-American photographer, we have a Millionaire Indian dude, An alpha male Aussie ship captain and the best part is that the female option is a Chinese doctor!!!).

Voltage have also released a new 'social app' called Liar! uncover the truth and I'm addicted to playing this game as the MC has 10 guys who wants to be with her but 9 of them are liars! Its like Life is strange meets Contradiction: Spot the Liar meets meets Ace Attorney blended into an otome game as you have to investigate for clues and interact with the guys to figure out who's lying in each chapter

As for the main purpose of this blog that was to share my love for books… I’m slowly getting back into reading and have recently gone to the bookstore to get a few books. I'm still slowly easing back into reading though the books that I've recently completed are mostly new adult ebooks that i got off ibooks or else graphic novels that i plan to share with you guys as soon as i get the rest of the books
I still can’t seem to get into full swing reading mode which is sad as this blog originally did started out as a place for me to share my thoughts and love for reading but now it has shifted from just focusing on what I’m reading to what I’m playing and loving. I feel like in a way this blog has shifted into a blog where I post about whatever new interest me and I actually feel like I want to change the themes of this blog and even the name of this blog from RowReads to RowLoves or Rambles or something like that.

I’m gonna give it a few more months and see where this blog shifts to but till then I’m hoping to just take it slow, get back into the grove of enjoying typing, blogging and sharing the things I love so if things start to change I hope you guys don’t mind. Like i say i'm gonna carry on posting voltage romantic visual novel reviews but am gonna randomly post some traveling blogs as guess what I'm traveling in a few weeks time again

Anyways I’ve been rambling my thoughts and probably boring you guys eyeballs so am gonna go and like edit some actual blog post. Thanks for reading and your support and let me know in the comments if I should change the overall theme of this blog from RowReads to something something something… you guys get the picture loll 

Seriously appreciate you guys's support! 

Till Next Time

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