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Otome Review: Ash Winters Main Story 3 ( Gangsters In Love)


Title: Gangsters In Love
Route:  Ash Winters - Main Story 3
Developer: Voltage Entertainment USA, Inc
Genre: Romantic Sim, Slice of Life, Mature YA, NA, interactive adventure, episodic 
Platform Played: iPad/Iphone (iOS)

Avalable on : iOS, Android

Disclaimer: CGs/SS/IMAGES belongs to voltage inc./ voltage entertainment USA or either one of this branches. Game routes purchased by me

Warning for spoilers from the route
If you're looking for a rough summery of the prologue I covered in my First Impressions Review Click here  which i recommend you check out to get an idea of the overview of the game or read the prologue. Also check out/ play Ash's Main Story 1 route (Review Here) and Ash's Main Story 2 (Review Here) before reading further as there will be links/ spoilers for the events that happened in the previous MS.

We start off where we left off in MS 2 as the MC learns about Ash's dark past and how it has affected him over the years. Because of this he tries to push her away as he finds the MC a distraction for him to seek revenge from Vyper. 

The Guy

This guy will give you a cavity as he is such a sweetheart even when he is being a bit unreasonable. There were times where I was waving my fist at Ash as he seriously was being unfair to the MC but then he flash those jade green puppy dog eyes making me feel bad for ever being mad at him. 

At the end of the last route we learn that someone he loves died while he was on duty as a cop. We learn in this route *warning now major major spoilers* that Emma is his little sister (WELP looks like its not a puppy nor a girlfriend) and was shot by Viper’s gang. Because of the anger and guilt over this Ash is fueled over the last 5 years of wanting to average his sister’s death by seeking revenge against Viper. It’s one of the reasons why he joined Chance’s gang (Chance is the only one in the gang who knew the full story of Ash’s past) and became Chance’s personal hitman.

I really like his development not just in this route but through the season as he's such a mysterious and hard to read character which is why I always say his both of his POV are a must unlock and read to understand what’s going through in his head. I really wish they gave his POV for the third MS but sadly (at least I can’t seem to find any) they don’t as it turns out the third MS has the traditional two different endings depending on the choices

I kinda like seeing this other side of Ash as he tries to push the MC away but in the end comes back to her like a loyal puppy. I also find it interesting how he is actually full of angst as he seeks revenge on Viper in order to get the closure on his sister’s death in order to move on.

The MC

I really like how this MC handled herself in the situations thrown at her through the season especially in this route. She has proved to the gang that she's a useful and even step up her game on improving herself for when the gang goes on missions. 

One of the best bit was when she insist on having a weapon to help defend herself when on mission with the gang and in the end settles for a hand grenade in the MS.  

She’s good at understanding and supporting Ash through the route especially during the tougher times where he shuts her off but also knows when to put her foot down when needed like when Ash tries to push her away saying they can’t be together one moment only to shower her with all this sweet gestures later which confuses the heck out of our dear MC (and maybe even me) as what he did was  freaking unfair playing with the MC's feelings (even if it was unintentional).

The Side Characters

I really enjoy the cast in the third MS and their interactions especially Chance and Aurora. Both of them stood out and have quiet major role in this route so you'll see them interacting with Ash and the MC while dealing with their gang business.


As for Yoshimitsu and Irving... i can't help but feel like their characters are like shove to one side in this MS and in a way written off so that too many characters won't overcrowd the story. 


I meant literally they even break the forth wall when about them 'missing out all the drama and action'. 

Welp we finally defeat Vyper the baddie in this route but here's the thing... Volser??? There's another big bad???  

Last but not least we have Matoe who turned out not to be a Shitterson 2.0 (thank god for that) but now as an ally to the gang. I still don't trust him though though I have a feeling if his character keeps getting more airtime in the following season we might have another romancable character added to the list of romancable characters. Don't quote me on that but its just a prediction I have a feeling of. 


Will I get this route?!?! maybe I will in the future or if there is sales as at the moment with voltage christmas sales going on and them pumping out more story than I can catch up with I can't keep up! 


MS 3 took a dark turned as Ash's MS 1 and 2 were surprisingly full of cute fluff with some good action sequence and group banters here and there but this route was dark! Like we see Ash trying to deal with the death of his sister and get the justice and closure he needs to move on at the same time trying to push the MC away as he feels like she's a distraction to him reaching his goals. 

Once again the action scenes were well done especially when the MC and her hand grenade throwing moments are involve

The relationship between Ash and the MC in this route is a real a tug-a-war to the heart. Despite the angst and the 'don't fall for me' pushing the MC away moment, there were so many sweet fluffy between Ash and the MC that made me go 'awwww' every single time.

This is my first experience with an Amemix game so was a bit confuse with the ending. The third MS in the season is your traditional 'you get the CG if you unlock the super happy ending' aka the passionate ending which I didn't unlock on my first try. There is also an end set bonus where you get a cute fluffy epilogue ish story that ties in with the MS but not necessary a must read.

The 'Trilling Ending' you get a sweet confession between Ash and the MC on the beach. No CGs. 

The 'Passionate ending', it being MS3 means one thing *hint *wink *nudge xD hello sexy time :P A second to appreciate this SS. You also unlock this nosebleed worthy CG with that ^^. 

As for the 'Special' end set story. Its super cute!!! Its basically Ash teaching the MC how to shoot with 'nerf guns' and it ties in with the S2 storyline. You don't need to read the end set to understand S2 as its a bonus fluff  substory but I got it as I freaking adore Ash and the MC so I had to. Also remember the MC's phone Ash blew up in the first story??? He replaced it and was really sweet about it x

The route had a great conclusion to the season with Ash getting his closure yet it still leaves some questions hanging for S2 and so on like WHO THE EFF IS VOLSER or WHERE THE EFF ARE THE MC PARENTS. Ash (and all the other characters) S2 'Sinful Kiss' are out and S3 'Criminal Love' is coming soon! Really love this game and have since gotten Chance and Yoshimitsu's routes but Ash is still my bias in this game.  

Can't wait to play more of the GIL world. Meanwhile Voltage have just released a new Amemix game called 'Castaway! Love's Adventure' and ITS GOOD!!! Like good in a 'I have never seen anything like this in any of Voltage branches and I love it' way! So look out for a first impression on that as I did purchase a full season for one of the characters and am gonna make more purchases to some voltage apps are having sales on their game.

Lastly to those of you guys who were waiting for months for the last installment of this review I'm so sorry for the delay. If you have not read my LIFE UPDATE I have been busy with basically real life as a lot of stuff have been happening in the last few months hence me neglecting this blog and of cause reviewing. Anyways am back and am gonna get back on the swing of things and bring more rambly reviews to you guys. 

Rating :

What are your thoughts / route recommendation for Gangsters In Love?  Also follow me on tumblr (rotantrm) and the hashtag  #row plays otome  and #row plays GIL for more of my Otome rambling and game play commentary. 

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