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Book Review : Lust and Found (Smitten) by Julie Fison

Goodreads Description:

Cambodia is the last place in the world Sienna wants to visit. She likes five- star hotels and exercising her credit card in air-conditioned malls – not flea- ridden hostels and trekking through the jungle.

But when her brother Eddie starts sending strange messages from Cambodia, Sienna’s mum convinces her to go check on him. Thankfully, her boyfriend agrees to go along.

When they arrive, they discover that Eddie has disappeared. Sienna just wants to find him and get the hell out of there. Everything in Cambodia
is getting to her – the language barrier, the unrelenting humidity, the mosquitos. But mostly it’s Eddie’s maddeningly hot French friend, Guillaume, who couldn’t be more unhelpful if he tried.. 

Title: Lust and Found (Smitten)
Author: Julie Fison
Genre: Contemporary, YA, NA, Romance, Chick Lit, Mature YA
Pages: 234 pages
Source: Purchased at Dymocks 

So I mentioned in my review for Love Is The New Black by Chrissie Keighery that the Smitten Romance series is one of my favorite romance series and owe most of the books in the series.

I was recently at Dymocks and saw more Smitten books and decided to pick one that the synopsis caught my attention more.
The main reason why I picked this up was cause it's set in Cambodia and not many books I've read is set in Asia so I thought why not? It will be fun to read a book set in a sorta a familiar setting ( I'm from Asia btw :P)

Reading trough the story though I love the author's description of Cambodia. In fact she is spot on on describing the setting and atmosphere especially the humidity and trust me considering I was born and bred in Asia that is one thing I never appriciate... the weather (prefer Melb cooling Autumn/winter weather... sorry to the humidity in Asia??? lol)

 The characters were probably my least favorite of the book. While Sienna started out as a self-centered, dependent, spoil-brat, gold-digger (yes I said it!) that seriously made me cringe, she eventually learned to be independent, think for herself, care for others,and most importantly change for the better.

As for Daniel, the more I read about him the more I cringe as first off he is 10 years older than Sienna. I am okay with age but his characteristic just made me cringe more and more I read about him (eventually I almost chuck the book across the room). He does online poker for a living. He comes out as a very manipulative and self centered boyfriend and what I hated about him the most is the way he treats Sienna! Literally the more he talks and say 'she's mine', 'she belong to me' the more I just want to strangle the guy and say 'she is not an object! she is a person! and stop doubting her! etc'. Seriously that's no way to treat a girl/lady! I seriously think he's better off with a puppy than a girlfriend!
(okay rant over! in otherwords i hate his character with passion! lol)

Guillaume... well he started off as an okay character with a hint of mystery in him. Not the most swoon worthy guy but as you get to know more and more about him you can't help but smile at his silliness and cuteness. 

This book is fun and adventurous! Reading it reminds me a bit of home! Also the Angkor Wat is one of the few places I hope to visit in the next few years. While I was not a big of a fan of the cast of characters in the book, as the story developed I enjoyed development of  Sienna and Guillaume characters. Also the plot twist I didn't see coming till that very second the bomb drops! The way they found Sienna's brother Eddie was a mixture of 'THAT MAKES SENSE!" and "WTH OMGASDFJKL; NO WAY" and "Wait what?! O.o?!".
While Sianna's journey trough Cambodia was rough and the book have its highs and lows, the pacing is never dull and the ending is happy and satisfying. 
Anyway I like the book. A nice exotic adventure romance novel that I definitely recommend. In fact you can never go wrong with a Smitten Romance novel. Pick this up if you want to find a book set in Asia, a light quick read that you can definitely brows trough on your holidays with cute, funny and flirty romance that will make you happy.

I'll be reviewing more of the other Smitten Romance books that I so far owe in the next couple of weeks so subscribe for more reviews and stay tune!


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