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Book Review: Beauty and the Beat (Smitten) by Kate Forster

Goodreads description:

Mia knows what she wants in life – she was born to perform, and she doesn't need anyone's help to succeed.

So when she is paired with the obnoxious new guy for her final music assessment, she is beyond frustrated. Rob is rude, disrespectful and has terrible taste in music. They have absolutely zero in common.

But as they spend more time together, Mia starts to realise that there's more to Rob than she'd thought. That he might even be the guy she never knew she was looking for. Too bad she's already scared him off...

Title: Beauty and the Beat
Author: Kate Forster
Genre: Contemporary, YA, NA, Romance, Chick Lit, Mature YA
Format: Paperback
Pages: 272 pages
Publisher: Hardie Grant Egmont
Source: Purchased from Booktopia

My initial thoughts of the book is if Glee was to be set in an Australian high school this will be it.

Also Warning.. lotta Glee references and fangirling :D

We follow Mia, who goes to a school specialized in performing art is forced to work with Rob, the new kid who is dark, moody and the total opposite of Mia for their music finals. Due to their conflict they have a love hate relationship which might bloom to something more.

Mia's personality reminds me alot of Rachael Berry from Glee but how she looks i instantly thought of the character Marley! She know what she want to do in life and is determine to get it. However at times she is crazy controlling on her friends and gets quiet annoying when she does not get what she wants or when things does not go with her plans. She also tend to jump to conclusion and misjudge people without knowing their full story.

Even so I did like her character for her confidants and passion in performing art. I also like how she eventually changed and start to give people who she labeled as 'sworn enemies' a chance as she eventually made some good friends when she drop the grudges.

Once again reminds me of a character from Glee that is Jake Puckerman. Like can we take a moment to just picture him as Rob *swoon*

I love Rob! Even though i was not found of him at first as he was freaking rude and angry at first, as we get to know more about him he is a lot different from his bad boy image. Sweet, caring and and like Mia has a passion and confident for music and performing arts.

The love hate relationship is what made the book for me! They personalities and music styles are as opposite as day and night with each other. Also they hated and were reluctant to work with each other at first but as they get to know each other they managed to put aside their differences and synch in their different styles.

Also there are a lot of references go Musicals like Rent and Annie which if you are a musical junkie you'll appreciate it.

Overall a great fluffy contemporary romance that is fast pace and will sure to leave you with a smile as does all smitten romance books I've read.

Highly recommend if you are looking for a great beach read, a music and/or a musical lover along with if you are a fan to the TV series Glee (and yes I am a fan and freaking love that show to bits!). 

Also if you are a 'Jarley' shipper on Glee (like me!!!!) you can clearly picture them clearly as Mia and Rob in the book.

Since there are a lot of Glee reference in this blog post do you watch Glee? If yes what's your favorite character?

 For me hands down Santana the Queen of Lima Heights. But I also love Mike Change as I could relate alot to his character. And Finn (*cries!!! RIP Cory) And Rory as I love the dude that plays him...

 And Jake as well... *swoon*

Also Sebastian as double *swoon*

Yah I'm a Gleek :P

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