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Book Review: Love and Other Foreign Words by Erin McCahan

Love and Other Foreign Words
Goodreads Description:

Perfect for fans of John Green and Rainbow Rowell, Love and Other Foreign Words is equal parts comedy and coming of age--a whip-smart, big-hearted, laugh-out-loud love story about sisters, friends, and what it means to love at all.

Can anyone be truly herself--or truly in love--in a language that's not her own?

Sixteen-year-old Josie lives her life in translation. She speaks High School, College, Friends, Boyfriends, Break-ups, and even the language of Beautiful Girls. But none of these is her native tongue -- the only people who speak that are her best friend Stu and her sister Kate. So when Kate gets engaged to an epically insufferable guy, how can Josie see it as anything but the mistake of a lifetime? Kate is determined to bend Josie to her will for the wedding; Josie is determined to break Kate and her fiancé up. As battles are waged over secrets and semantics, Josie is forced to examine her feelings for the boyfriend who says he loves her, the sister she loves but doesn't always like, and the best friend who hasn't said a word -- at least not in a language Josie understands.

Title: Love and Other Foreign Words
Author: Erin McCahan
Genre: Contemporary, YA, Romance
Format: Hardback
Pages: 336
Publisher:  Dial Books
Source: Purchased from Hills of Content

I love cute geeky YA and this book is one of them!

Love and Other Foreign words follows Josie who's sister Kate comes home engaged to a guy she hates and is set to brake them up. With that we have the battle of the sisters as Kate insist she's in love with Groff and is determine to marry him while Josie learns the language of Love.

Intelligent and chatty though she tend to be naïve and overthink at times, I adored Josie from page one! She's a gifted genius and is fascinated with language including ohmigod aka high school and ohmigod 2.0 aka college. She knows them all except the language of love which is what she is trying to understand trough the book and apparently that's the one thing she's clueless about. Trough the book Josie is not only learning the language of love but also learning how to deal with her emotions on love.

Josie's brainy, snarky and innocent narration was what made the book for me! I related so much to her character from the way she talks to the way she thinks and react! I am no where near her level of genius but Josie is literally a smarter version of me.

There is a strong family dynamic in the book and I love how honest and realistic their interactions are with one another. I solute the parents on the way they handle the situations trough the book especially Josie's dad. Josie parents are very involve in the book and it was refreshing to read a YA where the parents are always there.

Obviously Josie loves her older sisters especially Kate but ohmigod I COULD NOT STAND THAT BRIDEZILLA! I understand where Kate is coming from when she was annoyed with Josie's attics at times as I too am an older sister but some stuff she does is just pure evil! Way beyond the lines of sibling wars.

I meant some of the of the stuff and pranks that Josie does in the book was kinda unfair and childish (but come on she's fifteen!) but what both Kate and Groff did at times was just MEAN especially for a grown adult!

I hated the way she treated Josie (and silently vow never to be like her to my younger sibling) as she neglected her younger sister for her wedding plans. I also hated how she keeps commenting about Josie's appearance! I meant forcing her to trade her glasses for contacts is one thing but when Kate pushes Josie to change her appearance like getting piercing and rants how its going to ruined the wedding whick flipped me off!

I've been in Josie shoes and comments like those coming from someone you love should not be hurtful especially if they are critique and for you own good but the truth is it hurts 10 times more.

Her fiancé Groff was no better! Ugh that pretentious bastard!

Even so there were some of the moments between Josie and the 'lovely couple' were entertaining and hilarious to read about! They did come around at the end of the book I eventually forgive them as that's how books like this end... Right???

Josie's friendship with Stu and Sophie were also great to read about.

I especially love her relationship with Stu and I kinda predicted the direction it was going from early on. Stu is a fellow genius and understands the language of Josie fluently. Their banter between each other were some of the best dialogs in the book!

For a book about Love, the romance was surprisingly a side-plot, and though it was fast paces, it works so well and was cute and fluffy (and I awww and melted into a happy snowman puddle :3).

My favourite thing about this book was when they talk about The Language of Love and the meaning of love. It was not just talking about romantic love but also love for your family, for food, your pet, books. I also like how the author points out the different language and 'slangs' we speak in our daily life.

Overall its a cute, smart, and hilarious 'rom-com' about the language of love.

Fans of John Green's An Abundance of Katherine, Jenny Han's To All The Boys I've loved Before, Phillip Sigel's The Break-up Artist, and Holly Smile's Geek Girl Series will enjoy this book!


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