Wednesday, 8 July 2015

RowLife: I'm BACK and exam brain fried! Reading slump and currently playing

I'm still alive but I'm barely blogging,
Just exam brain fried with no time for reading,
But I am now done and on winter break,
So I'm gonna get high on The Script and eat some chocolate cake *

*Mind me as I have no idea what to put on that last line but I rhymes :P

Welcome to Kuala Lumpur, Its been waiting for you :D 
SELAMAT SEJAHTERA SEMUA!!!! I'm back and HOME in Malaysia and have NOT been blogging this last month cause of EXAMS!!!

So now that I'm back you'll have thought I'll be reading an abundance of books that I have been setting aside to marathon without the guilt but WRONG!!!!

Sadly I'm currently in a bit of a book slump and even the ebooks, fanfiction and wattpad books don't appeal to me. Even so I am trying to finish a couple of books that I requested for review but reading them, is not as great as I expected so I might put them down for a bit to re read some books on my shelve that I left at home after I'm done rearranging my shelves.

So I gave into the slump marathon myself trough YouTube videos (since I don't have Netflix) like Sorted Food (Cause I seriously just found this channel!), AllThatGlitters21 (for her June Bloom Series) and MissRemiAshten (for her summer hacks and daily vlogs!)

Also if you've been following me on Instagram or twitter you'll probably know I've been obsessing over this game called 'Life is Strange' and I've been marathoning trough the available episodes since I'm home with a lovely desktop that is compatible (unlike my laptop) for gaming. Will be putting up a review for the game as soon as I'm done with episode 3 for you guys to hear my thoughts. Long story short, PLAY THE GAME or Watch the walk trough on YouTube. Its if YA LIT were to meet a Telltales episodic choice based narrative. If you love YA LIT (which i assume you do since that's what this blog is mainly about) that deals with teen issue like bullying and depression as well as teen angst, great friendship and a sci-fi twist CHECK IT OUT!

A couple of other games I'm currently playing or am gonna play are Emily Delicious series (Think Dinner Dash but with a great plot and cast of characters as well as less repetitive gameplay). There are several games in this series but True Love is what I'm currently playing with my brother and we will probably proceed to the next game in the series once we are done.

Also I just got Her Story, a new puzzle game that reminds me of Gone Girl where the player explore clips of a woman interview by the police over the murder of her husband.

So yah that's mostly what I've been up to apart eating (A LOT OF EATING) from hunting down the Ramadan bazaars for festive goodies and of cause spending time with my family while helping my little bro with his piano exam.

New book reviews and blog content are coming soon!

Till next time

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