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Book Review: Pandora Jones: Reckoning (Pandora Jones #3) by Barry Jonsberg

Goodreads Description: 

Pan blinked. Something strange was happening to her mind and body. She felt relaxed, but at the same time, acutely aware of everything. She remembered the Professor's words: she was the cause of the destruction of humanity. And she felt the truth of those words.

Pandora Jones's problems appear insurmountable. She must convince her team that nothing is as it seems and that they must escape and expose The School to save the world from the plague she unwittingly inflicted on it. The only thing Pan has on her side is her gift of intuition, and her belief in the people she cares about.

But with the clock ticking, can she find a way to stop the plague, and should she do it at any cost?

Pan and her friends face off against the might of The School as the final pieces fall into place in the hugely compelling Pandora Jones series.

Title: Pandora Jones: Rekoning
Author: Barry Jonsberg
Genre: Sci-Fi, survival, paranormal, apocalyptic, YA, 
Format: Paperback
Pages:312 pages
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Source: ARC was received in exchanged for an honest review from the publisher

Warning: This review might spoil evens from Book 1: Admission (Review Here) and Book 2: Deception (Review Here).

This is one of my most anticipated books of the year and like every last book in a series I'm excited yet scared on how its gonna end and thank goodness Reckoning did everything right on ending a series!

The third and final book of the Pandora Jones series picks up immediately where we left off in Deception. In this book the truth behind the school, Pandora and her friends reason for being there and most importantly where did Pandora's powers come from is revealed.

I savored the story not wanting it to end yet wanting answers for all the cliff hanging questions in the previous book and this book delivered, tying in all the loose end in ways i didn't expected with a nice little bow. While I still was not a fan of Pan's inner captain obvious thoughts, I'm now at a point to where I'm used to it so it didn't bother me as much as it did in the previous books. The pacing in this book was slightly slower pace but I preferred that as it gives me a breather to process what's going on. Also like the previous books the action and suspense were nothing but nerve wrecking and epic to the point I'm on the edge of my seat hoping they'll be okay (spoilers... not really).

The scientific element is wicked and easy to follow and I also like how they talk about the ethics and morals of science and health. Lastly the way the book concluded was fitting and perfectly done! Prior to the released of the book my over thinking theory brain could not think of a 'happy' and satisfying way for this series to conclude but gosh did the author did a great job of summing up the series!

The character and relationship building in this book was probably the best in the series where we not only explore more of Pan and Jen's friendship that was established in the previous book but we also get to know more of the other characters aka their group mates like Wei Lin, Sanjit, Sam and Karl where in the short time we manage to get more of their backstory and their strengths, weaknesses and secrets which will all be important for the later part of the book. Mostly I enjoy how this diverse cast of characters interact with each other as they work together to try and crack down the secret behind the school.

Pan's relationship with Nate was surprisingly bittersweet and though Nate was such a hit/miss character for me through the series, his fate was the saddest part of this book. I seriously was rooting for Pan and Nate to be together especially with how he redeems himself ( comparing him to Theresa in Maze Runner AT LEASE HE TRIES TO REDEEM HIMSELF which got me to emphasis for his character) and the surprise of his relationship with a certain school faculty member.

Lastly the truth behind Pan's powers was kinda confusing but surprising. I had to re read that whole scene a couple of times but I like what they did with her finding out the truth and also answers some questions I had of another character in the previous book. Also from what I gather, Pan 'unlocks' a new level or ability with her power in each book which is really cool as we get to see her developed and adapt to her 'gift'.

Overall the Pandora Jones series is seriously one of the best and unique apocalypse/sci-fi theme YA I've came across as well as one of the more underrated Aussie YA out there. I highly recommend this series for its diverse cast of characters, epic and fast pace action and plot twisting story line.

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