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Game Review: Life Is Strange Episode 3 (Chaos Theory) SPOILERS!!!


WARNING: SPOILERS FOR EPISODE 1 & 2 OF LIFE IS STRANGE as I'll be discussing the choices I made in the game and why. If you want to see a no/mild spoiler review (Click here) for episode 1 and for episode 2 (Click Here). Also I i think we are at the point where I can get into spoiler territory for Episode 3 so yes this review will contain spoilers for episode 3 as I go into more details of my thoughts of the game and narrations

Title: Life Is Strange Episode 3 (Chaos Theory)
Developer: Dontnod Entertainment
Publisher: Square-Enix
Genre: Episodic, Contemporary, Supernatural, Mystery, interactive drama, adventure
Platforms played: PC
Official Game Description (Source) :

Life Is Strange is a five part episodic game that sets out to revolutionise story based choice and consequence games by allowing the player to rewind time and affect the past, present and future. 

You are Max, a photography senior who saves her old friend Chloe by discovering she can rewind time. The pair soon find themselves exposed to the darker side of Arcadia Bay as they uncover the disturbing truth behind the sudden disappearance of a fellow student.

Meanwhile, Max begins to have premonitions as she struggles to understand the implications of her power. She must quickly learn that changing the past can sometimes lead to a devastating future.

• A beautifully written modern adventure game
• Rewind time to change the course of events.
• Multiple endings depending on the choices you make.
• Striking, hand-painted visuals
• Distinct, licensed indie soundtrack

Boy did we eff stuff up big time Max...

No joke this episode suits how the past can be affected with our decisions.

The Plot

Following the evening after the event of Episode 2, Max and Chloe are on the case to figure out the disappearance of Rachael and what happened to Kate while stumbling on some of Nathan's deepest darkest secrets.

 Game Play

The game play in this episode was one of the most fun and engaging I had in the whole series! They use the time rewinding method that are familiar in a newer way. 

You have to make a bomb, as suggested in the text message from Warren - Chapter 2 - Episode 3: Chaos Theory - Life is Strange - Game Guide and Walkthrough

I love that 'quest' we had to do to get the ingredients to make the bomb and I kid you not I replayed that chapter at least 4 times since as its that fascinating wondering around the school in the middle of the night snooping into the empty classrooms and maybe 'altering' warrens grades. They also make use of Max 'teleporting' from one place to another by rewinding time as the world revolves around her. One cool thing the did with max powers if you use the vending machine to get the soda can and rewind, Max does not have to pay for the soda! Haha free soda's for life (don't OD on soda kids).

Also to anyone who love stealth games will love the 'hide and seek' moments of the game where you hide from the principal to escape the dorm and from the security guard to escape the swimming pool. In both moments I was in a mad panic and almost forgot Max has rewind powers but when I did escape said places I had a lot of adrenalin from the thrill. 

As mentioned in the previous episode the Diner chapter was my favorite in game play and narrative. Once again this episode the game play for the Diner was fun in a 'lets eff with Frank, Natnan and the cop's brain for information on each other while getting Frank's keys and rewind time to as if I never talked to them. Oh and while at it let's fool them by cosplaying as Rachael Amber'. This part was so fun to play and what I love was the layer of dialog and information we unravel especially on Nathan and Frank. 

Lastly the biggest WTF gameplay was Max unlocking the power to travel tough photos and materialist in her 13-year-old self to change time only to give us even more EFF up consequences. Ok while i did like playing as 13-year-old max I had a hella hard time getting that picture to focus even with patience. literally was me slamming my keys and mouse for 20 minutes till i figure out how ( by google it)

Favorite gameplay: Effing with Nathan, Frank and the Cop's brains along with making the home made bomb. Kinda interesting how  in episode 1 Nathan talks to himself about blowing up the place and now Max is doing the work for him (and rewinding to as if nothing happened).

Least favourite gameplay: Helping Joyce make breakfast. 

RANT TIME: Okay a normal human will put the eggs in the fridge... right? well I went around the kitchen and only manage to find the milk and I thought 'OH MAYBE THEY HAVE A CHICKEN TO GIVE THEM FRESH EGGS' so i went out to the backyard looking and sure enough ALL THE BIRDS ARE DEAD so I went back in only to realise THERE IS A BAG OF GROCERY AT THE FRONT DOOR THAT I SAW EARLIER WITH THE EGGS! So I face plam myself for not thinking and went to Joyce to make pancakes...


Okay so we know all of the characters in the game by now and depending on your interaction with them you'll have established a better relationship with some characters that are optional like Dana and Taylor whom you can comfort after the events in episode 2 if you were friendly in the previous episode. Whether or not Kate jumped, all the students at Blackwell (including the Queen Bee Victoria) show's remorse and guilt of their action toward her. Whether their actions directly or indirectly affect you can see everyone is affected by the event and hopefully its a wake up call to the students at Blackwell.

Max as a character has gowned from being self doubting and shy to being more confident and assure of herself. Yes she still have flaws but she's being more boulder thanks to her powers allowing her to do stuff she'll never do or have thoughts of doing but never does and cause Chloe is a Hella good bad influence . If you read her journal in episode 2 you'll know she want's to beat the shit out of some people but don't have the guts, well in episode 3 you're actually given the opportunity mess with people and rewind like spilling Frank's beans on him and rewind! Haha that was the best and satisfying and I'll admit I tried every possible way to eff with him! Even so she's finally being continuous of overusing her power after the events of episode 2 and even says not to waist your powers over simple stuff like getting weed killer with a chair. That's simple right? 

Ah Chloe I partly want to hug the poor girl and partly want to give her lessons to a boxing class as she needs to get her rage out but in right places. This episode we learn that behind the though girl look she is actually broken in the inside with all her baggage of people abandoning her. While I always like Chloe as a character, this episode made me love her character more as we see all the flaws and issues that has been effecting her emotionally especially her father's death. Chloe is a character I related to the most through the series (minus the blue hair and weed) as she has a problem moving on with life after a tragedy. I mentioned in my book review 'The Beginning of Everything' I too had the same problem moving on in life and kinda understand what's going on in her.  While yes it still is not an excuse for her to lash out on others like her mum and and Max, Chloe obviously does not have the best support group to talk out her emotions hence her bottling it up in her. Long story short while she's my fav and most relatable character she really need to get her shit together before more people abandon her for her actions or its too late.

Final-freaking-ly we get to meet William Price! Okay can I just say that if I didn't know that he was Chloe's dad I will have thought of him to be Max's dad! I meant they both act and say a lot of similar stuff like 'Release the Keys' and 'Release the Krakan' and heck are both into photography! Max must be at the Price's house more often than her own. Anyways he's a cool guy and I'll admit reminds me of my own dad when I was playing the game. He's goofy yet firm with the Chloe and Max and I can see why the both of them look up to him.


Funny story.. I got stuck in Victoria's room... yah of all the places in the game I got trapped in the Queen Bee's room so I had to reload the game and lower my settings (as I mentioned in episode 1 I had problems interacting with things in Max's room) and then things were finally working smooth as butter! Haha! I guess this one was on my side at fault.


There is something mesmerizing and thrilling about running around the school after hours (and yes I have done my fair share though mine were done 'legally' since I live on campus). And while I at times feel creep out awaiting for a jump scare like in Five Nights at Freddie which the game might have had its moments *wave fist at Chloe* its still have that same chill atmosphere the game is known for.

That morning in Chloe's room after their midnight fun at Blackwell is probably my favorite moment in the game. From the atmosphere to the music to even what the girls were up to was just perfect and one of my favorite moments not only in the episode but also in the game.

Also the song 'Bright Eye' by Lua that was the song that stood out to me in this episode. Man does Chloe (and the developers) have a good taste in music!


The first thing that comes to my mind of this episode is the friendship between Chloe and Max. Two best friends reconciling their relationship while coming in terms with what they are going through and squeezing a bit of fun to the mix. I really like how their friendship was showed and there were some scene that could have gone the wrong way but was played out right.

The pacing of this episode was slower than the others having that its the 'calm before the storm'. I also like to think of this episode as a big comfort blanket to help the characters (and the players) recover from the ordeal that we went trough in episode 2.

Still things gets intense in this episode when Chloe lash out to not just her parents but also to Max when she found out some secrets about Rachael. She's hitting a breaking point in terms of her emotions and frustrations over the people who left her and is not the best at moving on with her life.

I really like what they did with Chloe's story in this episode its relatable anyone (like me) who has a hard time letting go and moving on with life.Personally I really like what they did with this episode in terms of the narrative and its dealing with something i rarely see any medium whether it be books or movie cover and wishes there was more.

I also like how in this episode we see a different side of the characters like David, Nathan and Frank which once again makes my brain churn from suspecting them to be involve with Rachael's disappearance to is this fella a good guy or a bad guy.  

That big WTF twist at the end was a twist I never though will happen and didn't catch all those forshadows through the game. ITS SO FREAKING COOL yet MESS UP. When the camera panned to the ending I swear my heart broke into million pieces. I was not shock or stunt but more of heartbroken of what Max (or Our) decisions has become.

Book Recommendations for Chaos Theory
Max and Chloe's friendship and opposite personalities reminds me of Emily and Solane's friendship in Since You've been Gone (Review Here) and Pandora's and Jen's friendship in Pandora Jones Deception (Review Here).

Them reconciling their friendship reminds me of Ezra and Toby from The Beginning of Everything (Review Here) where two friends who have not talked to each other in years reconcile, picking up the pieces like no time has passed. Also The Beginning of Everything is a about moving on in life after a tragedy which is something I think Chloe needs to come in terms with.


Lastly I can't talk about friendship without talking about the friendship between Tiny Cooper and Will Grayson along with the friendship between Collin and Hassan in An Abundance of  Katherine. Both of this books have great 'bromance' friendship that I'm sure you PriceField shippers will love/


Each episode of Life is Strange gets better as it progresses and the in between waits while they make me anxious but are still worth it as I can discuss with friends about my crackpot theories based on evidence we see in the episode.

I really like how there is this great 'mid season' episode that is slightly lay back, allowing us to recover from Episode 2 while we prep ourselves for what's to come for the future episode.

Episode 3: Chaos Theory is both heart warming and heart breaking, while still feeling light hearted and fun it does have its intense moments.

Overall the game keeps impresses me and always know how to leave me wanting more. I am emotionally invested in the characters and their stories. I am in love with this game that Dontnod has created and to be honest I am excited and scared as heck for what's to come in the future episode as in this game ANYTHING can happen.

Yes 5 stars but to be honest the game deserves more.

Also Check out my Life Is Strange Episode 3 (Chaos Theory) Discussions (HERE) where I discuss the choices I make and once again warning for Spoilers.


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