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Book Review: The Rule Of Thoughts (The Mortality Doctrine #2) by James Dashner

Goodreads Description:

Michael completed the Path. What he found at the end turned everything he'd ever known about his life completely upside down.

He barely survived. But it was the only way VirtNet Security could track down the cyber-terrorist Kaine - and to make the Sleep safe for gamers once again. And, the truth Michael discovered about Kaine is more terrifying than even the worst of their fears.

Kaine is a tangent, a computer program that has become sentient (come alive?). And Michael's completing the Path was the first stage in turning Kaine's master plan, the Mortality Doctrine, into a reality.

And the takeover has already begun.

Title: The Rule Of Thoughts (The Mortality Doctrine #2)
Author: James Dashner
Genre: Sci-fi, YA, action, triller, suspense
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Source: Purchased from Popular Bookshop

I got this the moment I was done with The Eye of Mind as that ending!!! 

'The Rule of Thoughts' starts immediately where we left off in The Eye Of Mind (Full Review Here)
This sequel is thrilling, adrenaline pumping, confusing and provoking to the point you WILL have trust issues when you are done with this book (but then again I have trust issues after reading all of James Dasher's books)
Picking up immediately where we left off in the first book, ‘The Rule of thoughts’ follows Michael as he learns his whole life is a lie and that he is actually a ‘tangent’ aka AI programed by Kaine and is inserted into the brain of another human.  
Now that he’s human living in the real world, Kaine wants him captured for the next phrase of his plan. With that Michael rounds up his friends Sarah and Byron in the wake and together along with the help with VirtNet and Weber they are to take down Kaine before he causes more damage in both the sleep and the wake.
This is the most confusing and reckless book I’ve read by James Dashner so far! As I mention, the man gives me trust issues (in a good way) as I have no ideal which party to trust especially VirtNet as its like reading a supporting party on a mood swing. One moment you can really trust them and the next *game over*.

In this series (and probably all of his books) is a dangerous game of trust.
Though I like the plot, it was inconsistent as I found some parts of the book a bit draggy and boring at times making it feel like a filler. Even so the air of suspense and mystery was well played out as Michael and his friends learn more about Kaine and his motive. There was a bit of a road trip element which I enjoyed and I love the detail of the world building and learning more about this futuristic world of the 'wakes' and the technologies especially when they were talking about the ‘outdated technologies’.
The action scenes, liked Dashner’s other books this was no exception with its thrilling fast pace actions that had good description of the scenarios they are in but leave some room for the reader’s imagination to flow. Long story short, nail biting and nerve wrecking leaving me at the edge of my seats I always look forward to his action sequences.
There were some questions nicely rounded up from the last book but sadly not lot of question were answered. In fact there were a lot of set up for the final book which I’m looking forward to how it’s going to wrap up the story arc.

Dashner's style of writing is one of my favourites as he manages to create his own language like 'wake', 'sleep', 'tangent' etc. which is usually very confusing and takes a while for me to pick up but once you understand the meaning it is a breeze.

He's also really good at pacing out the plot, though I mentioned there were some boring fillers, I still like how in 'The Mortality Doctorine' series each chapter is split up into check points or 'mini chapters' which helps builds the suspense and makes the book feel fast pace.
Also... THAT ENDING!!! Of cause the best curve ball of plot twist is thrown in at the last minute leaving me wanting to get a TARDIS and fast forward to August 2015 for that last book in the series as it was mind blowing and caught me off guard! It also was a great last minute set up to the premise of the last book.
I liked how Michael was played out in this book. He’s feels slightly different and reminds me of the how the character Thomas from The Maze Runner. Even so he was a likeable character though once again we don’t know much about him and there was a lot of questions about Michael not answered.

I enjoyed Michael’s friendship with Sarah and Byron. They are very alike with their quick thinking, intelligent and logical minds along with awesome hacking skills. Especially after reading this book I clearly see them as an alternate reality version of Harry, Hermione and Ron from the Harry Potter series as their personalities mirror them.

It’s great to learn more about Sarah and Byron’s characters! We learn a lot about their lives in the wakes but we also see some character development of them as the book progresses.
Comparing this book to the previous which book, this one had a hint of romance which reminded me of the romance from the maze runner. Michael is clueless with his romantic feelings but he does not let it get in the way of his mission of taking down Kaine or his friendship. His relationship with Sarah came out sweet and I’m hoping for it to be developed more in the next book.

Lastly the character Weber aka the most frustrating and unreliable yet brilliantly and smart mission commander I’ve read! It was frustrating and the main cause to the game of trust issues as one moment I can trust the woman and I think I’m looking at some scientific genius and the next moment she’s a traitor! Reading her character is like going on a rollercoaster blindfolded. Even so I’m looking forward to reading more about this character’s plot twist in the next book as I want to see what in the world is gonna happen to her character.
Overall the rule of thought was a great second book though as I mentioned I did have some issues with it I still did enjoy and had fun with this sequel.

I like how it explores about Michael and his identity (is he real or not), the blur lines between the virtual world and reality as well as the 'cyber laws'.

'The Rule of Thought' is filled with great plot twist and set up to the next book and am looking forward to continue Michael and his friend’s adventure.
 The last book 'The Game of Lives' in the series is coming out in August and is one of my most anticipated sequels!
Name one of your most anticipated sequels in the comments!
For me it will be Winter by Marrisa Meyer and I need to wait till November for the conclusion to this series! But then I also have PS: I still love you by Jenny Han somewhere in May/June so that should last me till November.

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