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Top 14 books of 2014

2014 was a great reading year for me! I discovered and read a lot awesome books and narrowing down to my top 14 as a challenge!

Most favorite New Adult of 2014, Maybe Someday is a emotional rollercoaster ride of a book where you will laugh and smile but also have your heart rip into peaces and filled with feels.

I enjoy the music element of the book along with the relationship between Ridge and Sydney. Its refreshing to read an honest relationship as one thing I noticed in MOST romances is that the characters are terrible at letting each other know their feelings.

This is the first Colleen Hoover book I've ever read and I am definitely going to get more of her books in the near future.
13) Reboot  & Rebel by 

So this dualogy is a great twist to the 'Zombie' genre which I love anything to do with the Zombie Apocalypse thanks to video games like L4D and The Last Of Us.

Instead of the 'Zombies' coming back as flash eating monsters, they comeback as  Reboots where the longer you are dead the stronger and tougher you become but also less emotional.

Wern who has been dead for 178 minutes is the strongest reboot in the Republic of Texas and has to train Callum who has been dead for 22 minutes and is one of the weakest reboot or else she has to eliminate him aka kill him.

I love reading about Wern and Callum. The build up to their relationship was well paced out

The world building is crazy good, the action are fast pace and stealthy so when reading it I keep thinking of the action sequence in Last Of Us and like a good apocalypse book, you will have trust issues on who to trust.
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This is one smart wicked book!!! It reminds me of a less geeky version of An abundance of Katherine.

It has a great cast of characters that sounds unlikable at first but warmed up to and actually like at the end of the book, a refreshing and original plot along with a raw and realistic view on relationship, family and friendship.

The main character Becca is a 'break-up artist' where for $100 into her paypal she'll break up the couple for you with schemes like blackmailing, manipulating, sabotaging and hacking. 

While its something that is not 'morally right', Becca eventually learns her mistakes and fixes the problems.
I really enjoy this book and apparently the author is coming out with a sequel sometime this year so I'm definitely keeping my eyes out for that.

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This was such a satisfying end to the selection trilogy (not really an end since the author is coming out with more books but whatever)

I love how this wrap up The Selection Arc!

Some characters managed to redeemed them selves in this book and some plot twist threw me off but most importantly it ended on a good satisfying note.

American was such a trooper in this book and even though she has her flaws and tends to make some stupid decision she has her good intention.

I also love her relationship with Maxon. Maxon was really sweet trough most of the book and I just enjoy watching their relationship grow! 

Looking forward to 'The Heir' which is a sequel to the series.

This is one of my favorite contemporary romance!

I can't choose my favorite of the three as each books follow a different cast of character, romance and setting and are all good in their own ways! 

Check them out if you want a cute happy go lucky book! Great book hangover remedies!

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Spark is a unique sci-fi twist to the contemporary genre. I enjoyed the concept and plot of the story along with the amazing cast of characters.

Follow Evie who finds out she is a 'Shield', bounded by DNA due to a Genetic experiment gone wrong decades ago to protect her 'Spark' that is her best friend Kitty from the 'Stray' who is out to kill her. 
A great series starter with epic and nail biting actions, great air of mystery, great friendship and family dynamic, mind blowing plot twist and swoon worthy romance.

Melissa Keil is another new author I discovered in 2014 and I love both Life in Outer Space and Incredible Adventures. But if I were to choose one I will choose The Incredible Adventures of Cinnamon Girl .

Alba, an aspiring comic book artist who just finished year 12 and is not sure what to do next in life. She is contemplating going to University but has never left her hometown of Eden Vally. She is also suffering 'writers block' with her comic book Adventures of Cinnamon Girl. To top that the end of the world is coming.

I love how realistic and sweet the story and the characters are. Melissa Keil is great at writing about getting out of your comfort zone.

Fans of Rainbow Rowell need to pick this up!

going trough tough times with family and ex-boyfriend drama on top of being called "The Duff" by Wesley Rush.

The romance between Bianca and Wesley was very different from what I expected. It went from love-hate romance to 'enemies with benefit'. Even so it their relationship was what made the book for me!

Check this book out for a breath of fresh air in the writing, plot and characters!

Also the book is being made into a movie in 2015 and though its gonna be very different from the book I'm still gonna watch it!

The book is ridiculously sweet and heart-warming! I love reading about Lura Jean and want to be best friends with her from page one. I also enjoy the family dynamic of the book and her friendship with Peter.

I need the sequel PS: I Still Love You the moment its out as I want to read more of this amazing characters!

 5) The maze runner series by James Dashner

2014 was the year where I gave into the books by James Dashner and my only regrets is not reading his books sooner. While I also discovered his other series 'The Mortality Doctorine' I like 'The Maze Runner' more mainly cause the premise is more wicked.

The series follows a boy name Thomas who wakes up in the middle of a maze with no memory surrounded by 50 other boys.

While 'The Maze Runner' took me a while to get into it, I breezed trough 'The Scorch Trials' and 'The Death Cure'! When the story finally picks up it is fast paced, nail biting, nerve wrecking, plot twisting epic! I came out of the books with no sleep, scared of grievers and trust issues!

The series have a great cast of character and some of the best dialogs I've seen in books! The thing I love most about the series is the friendship especially between Thomas, Newt and Minho!

I also love the movie adaptation of this book and was my most favourite book to movie adaptation of 2014! Can't wait for The Scorch Trials Movie!

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4) The Lunar Chronicles by Marrisa Meyer

I jumped on the Lunar Chronicles bang wagon and have no regrets! A great sci-fi twist to the classic fairy tales! Marrisa Meyer took this stories and created her own world.

This is a series that has something for everyone!

I enjoy the world building and cast of characters! I also love how she manages to have multiple POV narration without confusing me when I read!

Of the three books out so far, Cress has to be my favourite as I seeing the bigger picture of the Lunar Chronicles world along with the epic action moments and romance!

I am looking forward to the rest of the series that are being released in 2015 and gosh I wish there was a bind up of all the novellas that Marrisa Mayer has written for the series.

This freaking book made me laugh, cry and feel feels like never before! If mean girls were to meet Eleanore and park we have Anatomy of a Misfit.

Follows a girl name Anika who is the third most popular girl in her school who is torn between two guys, one who could increase her social status and another who can sent it to social suicidal.

Anika's narration is one of the more unique voices I've read. Its sarcastic, snarky and very 'in your face' honesty but not over the top that it sounds obnoxious. In fact her narration is laugh out loud hilarious and quirky.

I love the family dynamic of the book and the romance was cute.

But the plot twist had me in one of the biggest book cries I've encountered!

Long story short... READ THIS BEAUTIFUL BOOK with knowing as little as possible!

Gosh this book is just as crazy as the roller coaster on the cover! A great coming-of-age story about what's next after a downfall and how to move on with life.

Its a journey of Ezra discovering who he is and what he wants to do in life after the a tragic accident cause him the down fall of his athlete career as a tennis player hence loosing the status of being one of the "in crowd".

I really like watching as Ezra diverge from his old clan of friends and start developing as his own person and not letting peer pressure interfere with his life.

The book is filled with intelligent and witty dialog, laugh out loud references and awesome Harry Potter and Doctor Who references.

Also this book is one that hit me emotionally I related so much to the character Ezra and what he went trough.

I mentioned and talk more in depth of  this book in my top 10 influential books (click here) post a while ago and this is one book that I connect to the most.

Read this if you like John Green's Paper Towns and Looking for Alaska

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1) Eleanor & Park by 

Eleanor & Park is hands down my most favorite book of 2014. Sweet, heartwarming and Heartbreaking.

I love how simple yet beautifully written this book was and is my go to book gift for friends birthdays.

Set in the 1980's it follows two teenagers who meet on the bus and at first it looks like they have nothing in common but as they get to know each other they find out they are both more that meets the eye and forms a friendship bonding over music and comic books.

The book is also dark as it deals with domestic abuse and bullying. Eleanor and Park were both great characters and I love how sweet their romance was.

A great book about first love that will make you squeal at the cuteness but will also give you a really good book cry.

 I highly recommend this to anyone, both old and young need to read this book!

So that's my top 14 books of 2014! Let me know some of your favorite books of 2014 in the comments.

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