Friday, 24 October 2014

Book Review: The Scorch Trials (The Maze Runner #2) by James Dashner

Goodreads Description :

The Scorch Trials picks up where The Maze Runner left off. The Gladers have escaped the Maze, but now they face an even more treacherous challenge on the open roads of a devastated planet.

And WICKED has made sure to adjust the variables and stack the odds against them.

Can Thomas survive in such a violent world?

Title: The Scorch Trials (The Maze Runner #2)
Author: James Dashner
Genre: YA, Science Fiction, Dystopia, Apocalyptic, Post Apocalyptic, Action, Thriller, Suspense 
Format: Paperback
Pages: 359 pages
Publisher: Chicken house
Source: Purchased from Kmart

 The Maze is over but the Scorch Trials have just begun...


Just a crazy page turner book!!! 

Its crazier, scarier and darker than the maze runner!

While some question are answered about the Maze, the world and what WICKED, there are still alot more questions that needs answers! 
The book takes place immediately after the Maze Runner where the remaining Gladers have yet another trial called the Scorch Trial (the first book focuses on the Maze Trial) where they have to journey across the Scorch to get to the safe heaven in order to be given the cure for the Flares by WICKED.

Sounds easy? Wrong! 

The Scorch Trials involve the Gladers crossing the Scorch in order to make it to the 'Safe Heaven', dodging obstacles, vicious creatures that are just as vicious as the Grivers and Cranks!

We learn alot about the outside world on how there is no ozone layer and that earth is now a big dessert! Worst is that because of this climate change, a virus called the Flares is spreading, turning people who got the flares to this thing called Cranks that are just as bad as Zombies.

 Apart from surviving the trials and figuring out the purpose of WICKED, lessons are learned as friendship, betrayal, trust and loyalty are put to the test. There is a bit of a love triangle happening which was okay... not crazy love triangle but confusing love triangle for Thomas.. poor guy haha. 

I actually like Thomas more in this book than the previous book! He is sweet and caring for his friends yet he is still strong and tough to fight trough the trials. I also kinda like how his brain works. That moment when you think he is making one of the stupidest decisions, he manages to counter it with a really quick smart move. Also we learn that he is very clueless about his emotions when it comes to romance and girls (not a surprise... poor guy :P). Thomas have some really good sarcastic dialogs in this book (must have picked up from Minho!).

My favorite character in this book is definitely Minho and Newt!  Sadly Newt's role is not as significant as I wanted it to be but Minho... gosh I love this guy! 

I admire how Newt can be calm and collected during some scenario in the book. Like Thomas he gotten more snarky and sarcastic in the book.

Minho has a much larger role in the book and has taken over the role as leader. It's great to see him developed as a character! He is definitely one of the strongest and toughest character in the book. He is also really caring and loyal to his friends. The thing I love most about him in this book is his hilarious snarky dialog! Every time things starts to get super intense, he says something and I found myself laughing for a good few minutes.

The bromance between Newt, Thomas and Minho is definitely one of my all time favorite friendship in a book!

Some new characters that we meet include Jorge and Brenda (think of them as a less likeable Joel  and if Ellie from the Last of Us), Aris and the girls of Group B.

Brenda is my favorite new character! Snarky, outspoken, tough and alert but with a mysterious side. I love her personality! She is like a girl version of Minho! Looking forward to knowing more about her in the Death Cure!

Theresa in this book... I have very mix feelings about her. I don't hate her nor do I like her.

One thing that stood out of the book is the pacing of the story. James Dashner has a good way of timing the pacing in the book which makes you NOT want to put it down! This kept me up till 3am as everytime I think they are safe, SOMETHING HAPPENS! 

The action was fast pace, nail biting intense and freaking scary! The plot twist was unpredictable! I think I shouted 'WTH' and 'NO' more than Newt said the word 'Bloody' trough the book because of this! This book takes a new twist on the adventure, survival and horror genres.

Once again the book ended very confusing and full of suspense along with another a bloody cliff hanger. Thank goodness I finally acquired the lovely box set so I am gonna start on the Death Cure immediately after I post this review.

Overall this book was so different from The Maze Runner in so many good ways that I enjoy it more than the first book! It exceeded my expectations and have made it to my favorite book-shelve! This is one of my favorite sequels.

Definitely pick this book up and read it! 

Also check out my video review for the book!

If you have yet to read The Maze Runner, pick it up (review here)! If you love The Maze Runner but have yet to watch the movie GO WATCH IT (review here)!

Now all we got to do is wait for 2015 for the Scorch Trials movie... 

Till then I guess I'll make a start on the Death Cure.

If you have read the book are you looking forward to the Scorch Trials movie?

I definitely am! Get me a Time Machine to 2015!


  1. Great review Rou, it sounds like this was an improvement over the Maze Runner, I love the bromance and aww Thomas sounds cute with being clueless around girls! I'm not sure about it though, I think I'm pretty glad to stick with the movies and just reading the first book at this point. It sounds like it really drags the trials and stuff out!

    1. It is a great improvement! Though the trials does sound like a drag the pacing is not so it will keep you on your feet till you are done with the book. I say give the book a try before the movie comes out if you are skeptical about the story. Of the three books this is my favorite in the series!