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Music Review: 1989 By Taylor Swift

Album Description:

1989 is Taylor Swift's fifth album and first ever 'official pop' album, inspired by the late 1980's.

The album's title is the year Swift was born.

Title: 1989
Artist: Taylor Swift
Format: Physical Cd
Genre: Pop,
Source: Purchased from Jb-HiFi

Well guys the wait is over and Taylor Swift has finally released her long awaited 5th album 1989.
I actually went to JB-HiFi on the morning its releasd here in Australia and literally ran to the lovely stand that was filled with 1989 Deluxe albums, got the first CD i could grab my hands on, side track to look at the TFIOS DVD display and then forced myself to not get the TFIOS DVD (which I eventually acquired an hour later at Target... ah well I am a failure on self-control... *sigh) paid for the CD and skipped happily out of the shop, not allowing myself to open the packet till I was in the comfort of my room!

I played the album while flipping trough the Polaroid pictures include with a purchased of the album and while I was at the gym, not allowing myself to skip a song even though I've listen to Welcome to New York, Shake It Off and Out of the Woods countless times since their released.

 Track 1 : Welcome To New York

"It’s a new soundtrack I could dance to this beat"

Starting the album with "Welcome to New York", the welcoming sunny opening makes me want to skip trough a Central Park in New York. Its a great start to the album with its bubbly melody and its independent and empowering 'I've made it' lyrics.

This song is Taylor being 'Enchanted' with New York and she is Wonderstruck. 

It also reminds me a bit of "State of Grace" from Red album.

Track 2 : Blank Space

"But I’ve got a blank space baby, And I’ll write your name"

I instantly fell in love with this song and has made it to my top favorite song in the album!

Its musical genious!! Down to the lyrics to the sound!

It has this cool kinda hip-hop/electro-pop with a hint of darkness that reminds me a bit of an upbeat version of Lorde's "Royal"and Little Mix 'Move'.

It also helps that its really catchy!

I especially love the snarky, honest, sassy lyrics! So many awesome metaphors (she must have been reading a lot of John Green :P) !

Her most bad ass song to date!  Especially the pen click part!

Track 3: Style

"You got that James Dean day dream look in your eye"

Okay its kinda obvious who this song is written about...

Still its fun and kinda flirty. She also put good use to the word 'Style' by talking about her signature red lipsticks and you-know-who's signature slick back hair and white t-shirt.

I can see this as a great spring road trip song with its breezy style of the song.

Track 4: Out Of The Woods

"Two paper airplanes flying, flying, flying"

Once again we kinda know who the song is about (plz refer to track 3 or the internet if you're still clueless).

This is one of the more 80's pop that I've heard on this album. It reminds me a bit of 'You're the voice' by John Farnham with its repeating and echo lyrics.

Its kinda a sad song where you're at that point of the aftermath of a break up where you reflect on both the good, the bad and confusing times in that relationship.

Track 5 : All You Had To Do Was Stay

"Then, why you had to go and lock me out when I let you in"

This is similar to both "Out Of The Woods" and "Style" since its about relationship and break ups.

It reminds me of I Knew You Were Trouble from the Red album though to be honest not my most favorite song on the album but it eventually grow on me after listening to it on repeat in the gym/ 'I Knew You Were Trouble" its one of those songs that I had to listen to for a few times to enjoy it.

Not my most favorite but not my least favorite.

Track 6: Shake It Off


I'm dancing to this song not caring bout the world!

I love this song and probably watch the music video on repeat dozens of times!

 Its one of the best 'F U' songs to date!

Also I love the cool Jazzy trumpets in the background.

Fun, Positive, empowering, up beat and freaking sar

When I need an 'Emergency Kanye West Dance Party' (Fangirl reference) this is my Jam!

The best part of the song is the talky rap bits!

I dare you to blast this song and just shake it off in your room or with your friends!

Track 7: I Wish You Would

"You always knew how to push my buttons"

This sounds more like 90's pop or something I'll hear from Hillary Duff (in a good nostalgic way)

Its catchy and fast tempo. It was not my fav song till i listen to it again and noticed the lyrics *dead*

The lyrics is filled with hope and regrets and makes me kinda sad.

Track 8: Bad Blood

"Band aids don't fix bullet holes, You say sorry just for show"

Take out the boxing gloves, wild hair flip and red fringe red dress!!

Is it bad that I always look forward to the 'Evil' songs like Better than Revenge and Forever and Always?

This song is a killer kick ass number! Full of sass and metaphors!

Another top favorite.

Track 9 : Wildest Dreams

"Standing in a nice dress staring at the sunset babe"

Haunting lyrics...

I am not usually a fan of Lana Del Rey-ish songs as her songs usually creep me sending chills down my spines.

It reminds me of Haunted from 'Sparks Fly'. I surprisingly enjoyed this more than I expected.

Track 10 : How You Get The Girl

"Remind her about when you kissed her on the cheek"


I JUST DIED LISTING TO THE FULL SONG FOR THE FIRST TIME! WITH FEEL, TEARS AND ALL THE EMOTIONAL WORKS! (true story... my dormy found me 'dead' when I listen to this for the idk how many times)

When I first heard about the song on that Diet Coke I knew I needed in my life.

Sure enough this is one of my all time favorite Taylor Swift song!

Cute, heartwarming, sweet yet a bit cheesy (in a good way). I dare you to listen to this on repeat and try not to smile as I was grinning like an idiot every time i listen to this song.

The acoustic guitar in the background along with the 80's bauble gum pop style reminds me of 'Sweeter than Fiction' with a bit of songs from Speak Now like 'Superman'. Its probably the most similar song to her previous albums.

Lyric wise this is different from her previous love songs. Its more like an advice to a friend or a brother on how to get the girl (long story short... be honest fellas) or even her being a cheerleader in a friends relationship.

I can definitely see myself playing this for any guy friends of mine who are moping around about not getting the girl.

Also I picture this song as a great end credit song for some happy go lucky romantic comedy.

Track 11 : This Love

"This love is good, this love is bad,
This love is alive back from the dead"

This is like the sister song to Wildest Dream.

Emotional and sad, it has this hauntingly beautiful yet dreamy melody.

Track 12 : I Know Places

"They are the hunters, we are the foxes"

This is angry dark and edgy. I love the beginning with the dabble of pianos.

I found this similar to 'Blank Space' and a tone down version of 'Shake It Off'

Track 13 : Clean

"You're still all over me like I wine-stained dress I can't wear anymore"

When I first heard Clean I immediately thought of  'Breath'! An older mature soothing version of of 'Breath'

Listening to this also reminds me of Michelle Branch song "Breath" (diff kind of Breath)

Its a beautiful reset song to getting over a relationship

 Its my favorite 'slow' song in the album and a great closing to the album.

Bonus Tracks

Track 14 : Wonderland

"We found wonderland 
You and I got lost in it"

Did anyone thought of Alice in Wonderland when you first listen to this? I did!

Its not my favorite song on the album bit still I love all the references to Alice in Wonderland and the similarities to "I know Places" 

 Track 15 : You Are In Love

"One night he wakes, strange look on his face
Pauses, then says, you're my best friend"

My next favorite love song to "How You Get The Girl"

The quote above is the one that stood out to me the most in the song. I also love the echoish melody.

Passionate, sweet, emotional and just beautiful!

I call this 'The One' song as quoting Jack Antonoff’s girlfriend Lena Dunham its her ‘future wedding song'.

Track 16 : New Romance

"Cause baby I could build a castle out of all the bricks they threw at me"

 Haha I thought about Madonna when I first heard of this!

 I love the 80's vibe in here! Why can't this be part of the album instead of the bonus track?!

Overall I love this album! Like in love with this album!

Its grown up and very different from her previous album. I also love how sassy and empowering this album is! Finally an album that topped the Sparks Fly album (which was my previous favorite album by Taylor).

Taylor's transitioning from Country to Pop actually came out better than expected. Also to those who criticism her 'taking a break with country' keep in mind that its very common for artists cross over genres all the time! Its their way to grow and explore their creativity and for Taylor's case she's on the right track.

1989 excited my expectations with the new verity of edgy sounds and styles of songs and lyrics.

Its just one big lyrical and metaphor Easter hunt genius!

Speaking of Lyrics, if you were to get the physical album, check the lyrics booklet and start decoding those hidden messages as it tells a story! In the past she is known for having hidden messages in the lyric booklet but usually each is an individual message that is not linked with another.
The way the tracks and hidden messages are lay out tells a story where we follow her life of the past two years. Taylor will make a great romantic comedy novelist if this album could be turned to a novel!

In fact if I were to compare this song to a book I'll compare it to the Anna and the French Kiss series by Stephine Perkins! (there you go a book recommendations!)

I'm looking forward to hearing all the songs live and fingers cross when the 1989 tour comes around I can get a chance to watch her perform them live! Also to look forward to is new music vidoes! I really hope they make a music video for 'Welcome To New York' and 'Blank Space'.

Definitely pick up 1989! Taylor Swift's crossover to pop is a great twist and I'm enjoying all the late 80's pop throw back!

Also Check out the Taylor Swift Book Tag I did on my YouTube Channel where I recommend books based off Taylor Swift Songs!

What's your favorite song of 1989?

Mine is a toss up between Blank Space and How You Get The Girl! 


  1. Wow you're so right about Shake It Off being perfect for Emergency Kanye Dance Party. My heartstrings pull when I think of Cath and the dance party! <3 Fangirl.

    1. I know right! I love Cath from Fangirl!! gotta love fangirl! xD

  2. I purchased it online from jb and I haven't received it but I'm so happy to know it comes with the Polaroids :) can't wait to hear the whole album

    I'll probably have a review on my blog soon


    1. yup it comes with pretty Polaroids! enjoy your cd!! xD