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Movie Review: The Maze Runner

Movie description:

Thomas (Dylan O'Brien), a teenager, arrives in a glade at the center of a giant labyrinth. Like the other youths dumped there before him, he has no memory of his previous life. Thomas quickly becomes part of the group and soon after demonstrates a unique perspective that scores him a promotion to Runner status -- those who patrol the always-changing maze to find an escape route. Together with Teresa (Kaya Scodelario), the only female, Thomas tries to convince his cohorts that he knows a way out.

Firstly DON'T read the book before you watch the movie!! I know a lot of people says to read the book before you watch the movie of any book to movie adaptation but this is different! Reason being is that the story is full of suspense and mystery so you'll probably enjoy the story better if you read the book after watching the movie. Even if you have read the book before the movie, separate your thoughts the book and the movie. That way you'll enjoy it better.
Okay so where should I start??? 

For some miracle I managed to watch this movie on opening day here in Australia! Most times I wait for a couple of weeks after so that I won't be in an over crowded cinema (although mine is in the suburb so I never had that problem) or that the movie came out just as I have exams/assignments and won't let myself watch it till it's done.

1. Book vs Movie???

I love the movie more than the book!

They take elements from the book and change it up to suit the the movie due to (i assumed) visual and timing reasons.
Click here for the 10 Big differences between the book and movie adaptation and be careful for spoilers.

2.Actions, Maze, Glade and Grivers

The action in the movie played out really well! Some scenes seriously gave me the chills and a heart attack and keep me on my toes. There was one scene in particular that made me almost jump out of my seat. In the trailers (to me) it looks like they are practically running around like headless chickens but in the movie, some of those running scenes are wicked cool ( no pun intended ;P).

I can feel the adrenaline rush actions of them running around the maze that I am holding my breath during some scenes. Also the movie added some action sequences not in the book but gave it a cool touch and development for the side characters Newt, Minho and Theresa.

The way the maze works is a lot different from what I had in mind but I like it!

I especially like the 'Blade' parts of the maze where Minho and Thomas runs for their lives to avoid being a Glader pancake.

The Glade is a lot different from what I expected it to be. I had a darker picture in my head of how the glade look like. In the movie it looks like a save heaven for the boys to live on.

The Grivers... I had a tough time imagining the vicious monsters in the book but the movie did a really good job of scaring the living daylights out of me after seeing those Grivers. Remember me mentioning me jumping out of my seats??? It was because of those damn Grivers! 
Basically they are ginormous cyborg spiders.

3. Characters and Actors

One thing that made me love the movie is the cast of actors! I enjoyed every bit of the actors who played the beloved characters in the movie.

What's really cool is that there is a great diversity of actors in the cast which is something we don't always see.

I enjoyed Dylan O'Brien acting as Thomas! I'm not familiar with the actor (don't kill me Teen wolf fan girls) but he came out exactly like how I pictured him in the book but also added a bit more personality to him with the klutziness and awkwardness. Like in the book he is curious about the maze, intelligent and compassionate. Also like book Thomas he tend to do some stupid stuff (like WTH ARE YOU DOING?!?! NO... just...*face palm*) but manages to counter it with his quick actions and thinking and alot of them are the a good reason.

Kaya Scodelario who plays Theresa is a lot better in the movie with a bigger role!
I love her character more in the movie since we get to know her better. One thing about Theresa in the movie is she has more strong and kickass action scenes.

Blake Cooper who plays Chuck... what can I say the guy's tough as a nail at times and a sweet heart ball of sunshine! My only complain is that there is not enough interaction between Chuck and Thomas but I do enjoy every bit of their brotherly bromance. Think of Chuck as that little brother who annoys you that you can't help but love!

Gally played by Will Polter (I fangirled when I learn he was in the movie as I love him in Chronicles of Narnia!) has one of the biggest character changes in the movie. In the book he was a mean psycho character that didn't make any sense apart from the fact he is the 'bully' guy in the Glade. In the movie he came out like how Alby was in the book. Long story short he basically was less of an asshole and there were a couple of scenes where he was actually nice. I didn't hate him nor did I like him but I like the character change. He's the conflict character with a different opinion from Thomas and the gang.

The characters, Minho, Newt and Alby are friendlier in the movie than the book. In fact I had a friend who read the book after watching the movie and the first thing she messaged to me was that Alby is mean (which i can agree)! I like that they were nicer in the movie as it developed their characters and make them more likeable.

In the book I was not a fan of Alby. In fact it took a while for me to warm up to the character. It was clear he didn't like Thomas since things start to go down hill in the glade after his arrival. In the movie.. this is a different story ...
Aml Ameen who plays Alby in the movie I instantly like the character! He came out as not only as the Leader of the Glade but also as the mentor and 'big brother' character for the Gladers. Also I can't help but noticed that his character in the movie reminds me of Newt from the book.

 My favorite character in the movie are definitely Newt and Minho!

I love every bit of Minho played by Ki Hong Lee (especially his hair xD for someone in the Glade he sure have nice hair!) and he came out exactly like how I pictured him... apart from the fact that I wish that he was a bit more sarcastic dialogs like how he had in the book.

As for the character Newt played by Thomas Brodie-Sangster (it took me a while to realize that he was the kid from Nanny McPhee) while I did like his character in the book I love his character more in the movie. The way the actor acted in the movie brought a new level of likeness to the character. Newt have some of the best lines trough out the movie (though sadly he does not say the word bloody). Also it kinda helps that the actor is swoon worthy *WINK* and like Newt in the book he has an accent... a English accent (swoon!!! hehe I am a sucker for accents especially English!).

4. Things I didn't like about the movie

Okay first off I was not a fan of the ending. The movie had a lot of alteration that actually made the story better but the ending... was not a nice cliff hanger. Like it was confusing and if it was not that fact that I know that they were gonna make the sequel I would have thought it was weak.

Also there was this one scene about the Griver serum where Theresa happen so had not one but two of it in her pocket... it didn't make sense... why nicely two syringes? why is it just so happen she have them in her pockets?

I'm just... why?!?! It was the only scene that to me seem out of place and didn't make sense!

They can change that scene from the book in a better way that they establish that they have the serum is just that there source are scared since in the book it is establish that the med-jack happen so have a supply of the serum.

Another thing for the movie... though that Ben' banishment scene was shot really well it was just too intense to my liking... I could not watch it and I had to cover my eyes with my hands as it was just too intense.  

One more alteration between the book and the movie is that in the book Thomas and Theresa have this telepathic mind reading powers where they both can communicate with each other by reading each others mind. This was not establish in the movie and while I did wish to see them communicating trough each others minds, the director Wes Bell mentioned in an interview that it was left out since so many things was going on in the film that it will just overwhelm which after watching the movie I have to agree. I am not so sure if they will play out the mind reading part in the sequel (not exactly sure of its significant since I have yet to read the Scorch Trials).

5. Stand out scenes 

Speaking of the Thomas and Theresa connection, I like how they established that they have a connection with the flash back dream sequence. I also love how that Paige lady was purring into Thomas ears 'W.C.K.D' is good.

There was this one scene where Chuck says 'Girls are awesome' sealed the deal that I needed to get the DVD and watch it on repeat.

Of cause this movie is called the Maze Runner so of cause it have to have some maze running scenes. They actually added more scenes into the movie of them running and figuring out the maze. All of the running scenes were really good. Like it was fast pace adrenaline pumping good. I especially like the part where Thomas and Minho were running trough the closing blades or the moving walls as those scenes really leave me on the edge of my seats.

Also very random but a good action movie for me is when I picture those actions in a video game... like when Thomas was running trough the maze from those Grivers, climbing up the walls and those vines I was thinking of the video game Uncharted... just a random thought...

One scene that was not in the book was of the Glader gathering the camp fire. I like that addition as in the book I keep thinking 'doesn't this boys know how to chill and have fun?"


Its an A-MAZE-ING movie!!!

Its a great story about adventure, mystery and friendship around the Glade.

Like i say I like the movie more than the book. While there were alot of alterations and changes made into the story for time and visual reasons the story was still faithful to the plot of the book.

I am not so sure if I should be rating movies but if I could I'll rate this a 4.5 stars cause while I did enjoy it apart from the couple of moments that I needed to rant about I enjoyed
 movie. It was entertaining, there were good balance of serious and comedic moments along with action pack and emotional moments. The cast of actors fitted really well and the dialogs were quiet good.

I definitely will be getting this on DVD when it comes out (Christmas and Birthday wish list xD) and will definitely be watching the sequel 'The Scorch Trials' which comes out next September

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Have you watch the Maze Runner Movie?

What were your thoughts?

What was your most/least favorite part of the movie? Lets discuss in the comments!

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