Saturday, 1 November 2014

October Wrap Up, and Highlights!!

So this month I read a total of 12 books... yes I read a huge chunk of my tbr! Which was replenished pretty fast as I purchased 10 books in to total this month... my TBR is never going to end... lol

Also I took part in my first ever Read-A-Thon which is how I managed to read 5 of the books so if you want to check out a quick short review check out my RYBSAT Read-A-Thon wrap up (here)

Geek Girl (Geek Girl, #1) by Holly Smale 4/5 (Full Review)

13 Little Blue Envelopes (Little Blue Envelope, #1) by Maureen Johnson 4/5 

The Boyfriend App (App, #1) by Katie Sise 4/5

Anatomy of a Misfit by Andrea Portes 5/5 (Full Review)

The Scorch Trials (Maze Runner, #2) by James Dashner 5/5 (Full Review)

The Death Cure (Maze Runner, #3) by James Dashner* 4.5/5 (Full Review)

Death of a Superhero by Anthony McCarten 4.25/5 (Full Review)

So I finished 7 books was not for a Read-A-Thon and alot of them were surprisingly very fast reads!

Correction... Addictive reads!

I especially enjoyed The Scorch Trials and Anatomy of a Misfit.

I finished The Maze Runner Trilogy and I am hitting myself in the head for not reading this book sooner as its an epic fast pace series, filled with action, mystery, confusion and just pure awesome! However those books left me a bit brain fried as its nail biting intense so I might be taking a break from action/sci-fi books for a while...

Also Anatomy of A Misfit is my favorite contemporary book this month! Its a great laugh out loud, sassy but also heart breaking reads and one of my new all time favorite contemporary!

Another contemporary I love is Death of a Superhero and its another book that I want to laugh with and cry with! Its another "cancer book" and its a good mixture of TFIOS, Side Effect May Very and Me and Earl And The Dying Girl (*phew! why does all this books have a mouthful of a title?!). Interesting thing about this book is that it came out way before all those books were published (maybe even written) in 2005! I picked it up cause I want to watch the movie and book-to-movie rules... read the book first! 

I started a new series that is Geek Girl and its all I want in a cute, hilarious geeky book! I have recently gotten  the next two books in the series so I'm excited to continue this series!
Overall check out all the books mention as they were really great reads!

Also check out my wrap up vids!

1) 1989 by Taylor Swift

WOOHOO Taylor Swift '1989' Album is out and event though its been out for days I've been listening to all the songs non-stop as they are all amazing and hands down my new favorite Taylor Swift album since Speak Now! I'm loving her transitioning to being a pop singer and I actually think it suits her better!

My favorite songs include Blank Space, How You Get The Girl and Clean but all the songs on the album are amazing!!! 

Check out my review (and fangirling) of the album (here).

2) The Maze Runner

If its not obvious enough I am obsess with The Maze Runner Series since I read the first book and watch the movie! I was lucky to pick up the lovely box set in Kmart for $19 which is a freaking bargain and by destiny it was the very last one they had in the store!

I already ramble enough bout the books in my reviews so I'm just gonna stop here...

3) Celeb Crushes ?!?!

Hello new cuties :P !!! Dylan O'Brine, Ki Hong Lee and Thomas Sangster as my newest Celebrity Crushes!! :3
I love their acting in The Maze Runner movie and have finally checked out some of their other works like Dylan on Teen Wolf... yes I finally watch Teen Wolf and its actually very addictive!

Also a reason why I picked up Death of A Superhero is cause it was turned to a movie and Thomas Sangster stars in it!

Gah I can't wait for Scorch Trials Movie to come!!!

Lol okay I'm now done rambling bout Maze Runner! 

6) Sunny Birthday!

My best friend, dormy and 'annoying little brother' Sunny turned 20 this month! 

And yes there are some cake squash on his face :P sorry sunny boy xD but we were being daunting and smash dauntless cake in his face :P

5) Mama Visit!!!

Saving the best for last! My mum visited me earlier this month! So happy to spend time with her so its definitely a highlight for my month!

So yah that's my wrap up, highlights and favs for the month!

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